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Alayna-Renee (JadedElegance)

About Me: 

I'm a published author with a Musical Theatre and a minor in Creative Writing. Though I've only been on Wattpad for a year, I've judged and competed in over 100 contests and am affiliated with a few communities. Wattpad embraced me with open arms when I arrived. I try to pay it forward. :) Please visit my page to learn more about me.


I review everything but Fanfiction. I just don't know enough to fairly review most of that. My own writing leans toward the dark side--I specialise in writing paranormal, dark fantasy, Gothic fiction, and Historical. Your Mature, Erotica, and LGBTQ+ stories are welcome here. 



Specialties/focus points: 

I'm the person to see if you are working on character development, world building, plot consistency, and realism/emotional appeal. I will point out obvious grammar and spelling mistakes, awkward sentences, fragments, and things that pull the eye in a negative way. I also provide help with blurbs and summaries. 

Please note that I am not always an easy reviewer, so if this is your first attempt at writing, you may not want me.

Number Of Books I Can Read Per Week: 


Number Of Chapters: 

I'll read up to five. The Prologue is a chapter; all the notes and such are not. If you like my critique and I like your book, you may ask me to review more. 


A permanent follow and three constructive comments on any of my works.

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