Chapter 42

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-Caspar's POV-

As soon as I stepped out of the door and left in my car, I realized what a stupid mistake I had made. I didn't have any of my belongings, and what if Pete didn't even want me living with him? I had too much pride to turn back though. Too much anger left behind as well.

I rang Pete's doorbell and heard a faint melodic tune come from inside the house.

"Coming!" I heard a voice in the distance yell. Then I heard the quick taps of footsteps nearing the door swiftly.

I waited expectantly. The door opened. Pete stood before me in shock. I couldn't read if it was good or bad.

"Caspar Lee." He said finally, breaking the silence.

"Could I stay here?" I asked sheepishly.

"Oh," He ruffled his hair with his fingers and didn't make eye contact. He just stood there. He didn't give me an answer regarding me staying over.

"I should just go I guess..." I didn't actually want to go, but I wanted him to say I could stay. I didn't want him to let me leave.

"I mean if you want..." Pete looked uneasy. Why did he look uneasy? Did he not want me to stay here? But I really needed to stay here. I couldn't go back to the flat, I couldn't.

"I want to stay here." I could almost hear my own nervous heartbeat.

"Okay then." He smiled, and stepped aside so I could come in.

As soon as I entered his home, I realized how much I missed my own. My home with Joe. I immediately felt pressure here. Pressure to be neat and clean just like every room. I hated this feeling, but I despised the thought of long back to Joe even more.

"Well I don't have any food made, would you like to go out?" He grinned at me.

"Like a date?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his shoulder blades.

"Of course." He replied.

He slipped out of my grip to hold my hand. His hand was as cold as mine was warm. I missed Joe's body heat. His warmth.

Even Pete's car was perfect. Not a single crumb in sight.

"Where to?" Pete asked, turning to look at me. I was so caught in his eyes I almost forgot to answer.


Pete laughed. I stared at him to admire the way his eyes squinted slightly as he laughed. The way the corners of his mouth turned up first.

"Again? You really like it there don't you."

"Who doesn't?" I smiled back.

He turned on his GPS for directions there.

"So what's-" I started.

"Sorry Caspar but I want to concentrate on driving." Pete said quickly cutting me off.

I nodded. I couldn't help but miss car rides with Joe. We'd joke around, or sing to wildly loud blasting music. Or just talk about anything and everything to fill any silence.

The short ride felt like hours long. But then finally we arrived there. Pete opened the door for me, and my feelings of missing Joe faded. Pete was mature. Pete was real.

I smiled as his hand slipped into mine. I didn't mind how cold it was. It was still there for me.

As soon as we stepped into the restaurant I tugged on Pete's hand, "Let's go actually."

"Why?" Pete resisted my tugs on his hand to leave.



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