Chapter 88.

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"I had a taste. Thought I was okay

But the thought of you it stayed and stayed and stayed.

Now I want more, its all I dream about

I'm shaking, and aching

Cause' I, I, I got a serious craving for you"

Cause' I, I, I got a serious craving for you"

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Waking up this morning, and realising it was my first Christmas with Harry was an indescribable feeling.

It wasn't this over the top, fantastical moment where birds sang and sparkles filled the air; it was just a content moment.

It was how ordinary the moment was, that made it extraordinary, it was just like any other day - it was simple and that's what made it magnificent.

I woke up to Harry slumped over me, mumbling in his sleep with Ludo sprawled on the end of the bed snoring, it was peaceful and calm, I was savouring every second of it.

I think most people take these moments for granted, the mundane small every day moments but they're what I look forward to the most.

To me that's what love is, it makes the small unremarkable details spectacular.

This is also my first Christmas without my mother, she's stayed true to her word and I haven't heard from her. I still refuse to back down about it, and whilst I know she's in the wrong it doesn't stop the deep sharp ache that I'm so disposable to my mother.

I can't imagine treating another person that way, let alone my own child and I just don't understand why she is the way she is.

Harry had dragged himself slowly out of sleep with deep sighs and incoherent grumbles, his hands wondering when he woke up enough to make sense of where he was.

His lazy lips found their way to my neck, his hands roaming up my shirt while his hips pushed against my hip to show me how good of a mood he'd woken up in.

However, his actions paused when our new audience that he'd obviously forgotten about unceremoniously sat up and walked his way up the bed to climb on top of us and flop down over us to say good morning.

Harry really was just having no luck at all the poor thing.

Harry glared at Ludo with an annoyed expression while I tried not to cackle, but Ludos wide happy smile with his tongue hanging out while he stared up at Harry soon melted him; he gave him affectionate scratches behind his ear, grumbling to himself like a scorned teenager about how they're were meant to be 'friends' and 'this wasn't cool'.

Eventually Harry got out of bed, taking Ludo to give him breakfast and take him out to the toilet, and I found that small act incredible for Harry.

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