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y/n P.O.V

i have been waiting for Sam to get home for 2 hours he was with kian and tonight we were supost to be going out for our 1 year anniversary and he still hasn't bothered to turn up, it just frustrates me so much i thought he cared.

i hear a car pull up i quickly run over to the window, to see Sam getting out but on the wrong side of the car, then I see kian getting out of the drivers side helping Sam up the stairs, I quickly opened the door and kian put him in the sofa.

"Y/n I-I love y-you so m-much" He stuttered drunkly to me


"B-baby I love you so much, I'm so sorry I f-forgot " he said crying in to his hand

He walks up to me hugging me and kissing my neck

"Sam" I moaned

He carried on kissing my neck on my sweet spot , leaving marks on me.

"Jump"he said while kissing my neck, I did what he said and he carried me up stairs to our room.

He dropped he on the bed and hovered over me, unzipping my dress,and swiftly taking it off, he unclipped my bra and started to suck my breast while I moaned

Sam slipped my thong off and I quickly unzipped his jeans.

He lent down so his face was near my pussy and he started to lick my clit while putting one finger in to me, I was just getting use to his touch as it was my first time, I moaned loudly and he got up and positioned him self by my entrance and entered slowly

"Y/n tell me to stop if it hurts to much" Sam whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spin

He carried on going in slowly "sam faster" i moaned, he increased the speed and a few minutes later my stomach started to feel weird

"Sam-m I'm abou-" he cut me off "release y/n" he moaned

I released on to him and 10 seconds later he released in to me and laid beside me

"I love you sam" I said kissing him

"I love you too y/n" Sam said kissing me back


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