Illusion; VIII

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Roxanne made a growling noise at the back of her throat. Even with her mouth closed, she was sure the whole apartment floor could hear her mighty, lioness-like sound.

"You growl like a bitch, bitch."

The Bitch Language; a language in which you replace at least one word with the word 'bitch'. Kind of like the Smurfs language, but less PG.

It was a unique language not all could understand.

It was a language Roxanne could speak verbally only with her old friend; Bella, a girl so similar to her they were convinced they were distant relatives.

They look similar too; Reddish brown hair, glasses, even their fashion sense was the same, meaning they both couldn't afford to have a fashion sense.

Only, Bella was taller, chubbier, had rectangular glasses and bland brown eyes and... clear skin. The bitch.

Weirdly enough, Roxanne knew Bella through Claire. One day, Bella approached Claire and began taking an interest in her. Even now, Roxanne still found Bella and Claire talking to each other, however awkward it those talks might've looked.

Bella held her phone, no doubt having been reading either smutty fanfiction or fluffy fanfiction, kind of hard to tell with the practised poker face.

"Sorry, it's just- look at this!" She extended her hand to the side, where Bella sat next to her, showing the screen of her phone towards Bella. "'Rich bitch denies Mayor's offer on sightseeing'? Why is this the headline on the news and not, I don't know, anything relevant?!"

Bella glanced at the phone, then at her, clearly not interested in reading the actual news on her phone. "I don't know. Robitch Price is pretty relevant to me."

Her eyebrows fell flat and, really, she was offended. "I know the bitch is fucking relevant. I wrote about him."

Robert Price; Twenty three years old, a now ex Harvard student, practising in literature. His family was out there living in jolly old England. His ancestors were Dukes and Duchess of places that sounded so ridiculous they had to have been made up - but then again, all words were made up - and that was why he was rich.

Oh, and he liked causing trouble. Lots and lots of trouble.

Instead of being a rational human being and fully comprehending that Roxanne was talking about work, Bella snorted and grinned this shit-eating grin. "Oh~ kinky."


Roxanne noticed that they'd both finished their hot chocolate and quickly went into the small kitchen to fed them both more of the sweet treat.

She opened the cabinet, finding a bag of stocked powder and a row of those classy coffee beans Claire loved, for some reason.

"So, how's the mute bitch?"

Roxanne, in the middle of retreating the chocolate powder, gave her friend a defensive scowl.

"Claire is not a mute."

Bella's mouth was pulled upwards, and while that was barely a reaction, it was still better than no reaction at all. "Getting kind of protective there, bitch."

Roxanne shrugged as she boiled the water, confirming it and not being embarrassed by it. Bella should know better. She and Claire... They'd been through everything together and they still stuck by each other. In fact, the more shit they went through, the closer they'd gotten.

Roxanne was too impatient to wait for the water to turn hot, so she poured the chocolate powder into the glasses of lukewarm liquid, measuring which glass had more hot chocolate.

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