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Aurora laughed as she disarmed Fred. Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons were back up and going strong after the holidays. 

The students seemed to be enjoying them even more than they did at the start as laughter and chatter was heard through of the Room of Requirements. However, the laughter quickly vanished as a loud noise emerged from outside the door. 

Everyone stopped what they were doing and pointed their wands towards the door. Aurora stood besides Fred, her wand grabbed tightly in her hand as the adrenaline pumped through her veins.

"Bombarda Maxima."

Fred grabbed Aurora and hid her body behind his as the door burst open, the wall around it smashed to pieces. Dust and cement flew around the room and once it cleared Professor Umbridge walked in, a satisfied smirk on her face as her eyes glistened with a sinister shine to them. Aurora rolled her eyes and tightened her jaw in anger when she saw the woman, but then that anger magnified when she saw Draco Malfoy with his posse and Filch all smirking at them.

Umbridge turned to Filch and Draco and muttered something to them, the pair nodded their heads and rushed forwards, Draco walked straight towards his cousin, a large smirk on his face as he reached her. Before Fred could even figure out what was happening, Draco had grabbed Aurora by the arm and pulled her away from the ginger haired boy.

"Get off me you swine," Aurora said, her teeth clenched as she spoke and struggled against his grip.

"No can do, dear cousin," Draco laughed as he met up with Filch outside of the Room of Requirements - who Aurora noticed held tightly onto Harry's arm. The pair shared a worried look before they saw Umbridge holding a piece of parchment with a smirk on her face.

"Take them to Dumbledore's office," She instructs Draco and Filch, "I've got to inform the Minister about this," she adds, her voice sweet as she let out a giggle.

Aurora rolled her eyes and glared at the pink woman, her eyes momentarily scanned over the group of students who were now getting pushed out of the Room of Requirements. Fred caught her gaze and the pair shared a look, Aurora silently pleasing him to go quietly so he doesn't get in more trouble than he already is in as she gets dragged around a corner and the gaze breaks.

"I knew you'd be involved in something like this, cousin," Draco sneered.

Aurora rolled her eyes in a bored manner, "I knew you'd be involved with someone so vile like her, cousin."

Draco chuckled sarcastically as his grip tightened on Aurora's bicep, but she didn't even wince - she wasn't going to give him exactly what he wants.

Surprisingly, they didn't have to wait long outside of Dumbledore's office. About ten minutes after they had arrived there Umbridge waltzed up the spiral staircase, the Minister and a few Auror's following close by. Aurora shared a look with Harry when she noticed Percy Weasley also coming towards them.

Umbridge burst the door to Dumbledore's office open, the heavy door hit the wall behind it as she strolled in, everyone else quickly following her inside, where Dumbledore glanced up from his desk; his eyebrows raised as he watched Umbridge walk closer to him. She slammed the parchment she was holding down onto his table, keeping eye contact with him as she did so, before she turned to face Fudge. 

"Been watching them for weeks. And see, 'Dumbledore's Army' proof of what I've been telling you all along, Cornelius," Professor Umbridge said, her voice sounded even higher than usual.

Cornelius Fudge walked closer, Kingsley Shacklebolt - an Auror- close behind him, "All your fear-mongering about You-Know-Who never fooled us for a minute. We saw your lies for what they were; A smokescreen for your bid to seize control of the Ministry."

"Naturally," Dumbledore sarcastically muttered under his breath, causing Aurora to smirk slightly and look down at her feet to hide her face.

"No, he had nothing to do with him or Aurora," Harry confessed, everyone's heads turned to look at the spectacled boy, "It was me."

"Most noble of you, Harry, to shield me," Dumbledore calmly spoke, "But as it has been pointed out...the parchment clearly says 'Dumbledore's Army' not 'Potter's'. I instructed Harry to form this organisation," Dumbledore confessed, looking directly at Fudge. Harry and Aurora shared a worried look, "And, I, and I alone, am responsible for it's activities."

"Dispatch an owl to the Daily Prophet," Fudge said looking back at his men, "If we hurry, we should still be able to make the morning edition. Dawlish, Shacklebolt, you will escort Azkaban to await trial for conspiracy and sedition."

Aurora looked over at Dumbledore, her face filled with worry, where as the Headmaster looked extremely calm and even slightly amused. 

"I thought we might hit this little snag," Dumbledore says causing everyone to turn and look at him intently, "You seem to be labouring under the delusional thought that I'm going to...What was the phrase?....Come quietly....Well, I can tell you this, I have no intentions of going to Azkaban."

"Enough of this," Fudge yelled, "Take him."

As Shacklebolt and Dawlish moved forward they were stopped by a large red bird flying over head. Aurora watched as Fawkes the Phoenix was now flying above Dumbledore's head, before Aurora even had any time to process what she was seeing, Dumbledore threw his arms up in the air and a large red bolt of light shone through the Headmaster's office, making everyone in the room squint their eyes and look away before the bright light disappeared, and as did Albus Dumbledore.

"Well, you may not like him, Minister," Kingsley Shacklebolt said, "But you can't deny...Dumbledore's got style." 

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