Earn your pizza

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When Candy returned an hour later, the front door was slightly ajar, so she knocked and walked right in.

Kevin was sitting by the pool in a lounger, looking at the sky. A pile of pizza boxes lay next to him, with a plate on top. All that remained on the plate were three pizza crusts.

Candy had tried to be as quick as possible, but realistically, her 'fresh no makeup makeup' look took a lot more work than it appeared. She sported tiny overalls that revealed the bottom part of her ass, and a tight T-shirt that hugged her shapely tits. She'd tied a bandana around her head that held her thick hair back, showing off her pretty face. Her makeup consisted of green-tinted primer to rid her face of any, and all blemishes, dewy BB cream, and her favorite coral-colored blush swiped across her cheekbones and eyelids. Candy was used to getting eyelash extensions on a regular basis, so she didn't need mascara. Her lips shone with nude-colored lip gloss, and she'd spritzed on some peach-scented perfume she'd stolen from her mom's collection--Deborah had so many perfumes, she'd never notice. It was a new look, and Candy was digging it. She'd even taken a selfie for the first time in weeks before leaving the house.

Looking ever the handy girl, Candy strolled out to join Kevin poolside. "Hey, I'm back!"

"You're back! Looking fresh! And that hair, wow what a difference!" he teased mockingly.

"Shut up," Candy rolled her eyes, taking a seat on the lounger next to him. She was enjoying how comfortable they seemed to feel around one another, after only such a short time — and having met under such odd circumstances too! Candy wondered if it had something to do with the house. "I have to leave it in for 24 hours."

Kevin chuckled. "Women's products. Such a mystery to men around the globe," he remarked, shaking his head.

"You know, you're supposed to eat your crusts," pointed out Candy, nodding towards his plate. "They build healthy bones...or something like that."

"I think that's milk?" he grimaced.

"Whatever," she laughed. "I just know you're meant to eat 'em."

"Want some?" he asked her, getting up to get her a plate.

Candy nodded and watched as he walked towards the kitchen, noticing his jeans hugged his ass, which was firm and fine.

Kevin came back holding a plate and two glasses stacked on top of one another. He handed her her plate and then filled the glasses up with cold water from the thermos beside his lounger.

"You know, I almost never eat pizza. It's my guilty pleasure," he admitted.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, don't tell my wife! She says it'll clog my arteries."

"It probably will."

Kevin opened the pizza box and pulled out another slice. "Well, what she doesn't know won't hurt her," he giggled naughtily, looking at Candy. I wonder what else he keeps from his wife?

He took a thoughtful breath, holding the open pizza box towards her. "So Candy, tell me about yourself. What's going on at home that you needed to get away from?"

Candy reached for a slice of pizza, and raised her eyebrows--she was slightly taken aback by his bold question. "Well, uh, let's see," she began. "I've been home for a few weeks now, on break from college," she mused loudly. Candy stopped herself and made a mental note to turn her voice down. Kevin spoke at a low volume, probably like most people who weren't part of her loud family.

"Oh yeah? What are you studying?"

"I haven't actually chosen my major yet."

"Huh, well, there's lots of time."

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