Chapter 14- What We Live For

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Clarke stumbles out the room, past Bellamy, following Emori to the main room. She walks to the window by the couch and looks outside. Only to find that there is a large crowd outside. A large crowd of people wearing either grounder clothing, battle armor, or prison suits.

Before she can even stop herself, she curses loudly, causing everyone to jump at the sound. Everyone stares at her. "Someone woke them up."

She pushes past everyone else, to the cabin door. Everyone stares after her for a moment before turning to the window again, and realizes that their people are back.

Clarke opens the door, peering at the group of people standing at the gate and flowing into the village. She stands, open mouthed, at the sight before her.

Octavia Blake, starting towards the cabin as soon as she sees Clarke standing there. Her eyes are dark, horrible, the kind of darkness Clarke used to see in herself. The kind of spark she had seen ignite in herself as the Eligius Crew came down from the sky. The black fire that starts in your stomach and licks it's way up her arms and behind your eyes until it's visible. Madi helps put it out. Her life rides on the people around her. Her life clings to Madi. And Octavia presence is already threatening that.

"Clarke." she says when she gets close enough to be in earshot at her normal, raspy tone of voice. "Where are we?"

Clarke remains silent, gripping her fists together tightly so that her nails bite into her palms like vipers.

"O?" a voice says from behind Clarke. Bellamy's voice is surprised. "Clarke, what happened?"

"I don't know." Clarke answers tersely, her eyes still training on Octavia. "Someone woke them from cryosleep."

"Let me talk to her." Bellamy stepping forward and in front of Clarke. "Go back inside with Madi."

She gives him a look that plainly says be careful. He nods, watching her walk up the stairs for a second before Clarke closes the door between the two of them. Not sure of what will be said between the brother-sister pair. And slightly wary of what explosion will happen between two people, one like gasoline, one like a spark. You can easily say which is which.

Clarke saunters over to Madi, leading against the arm of the couch. A few seconds later, Madi reaches up and touches Clarke's wrist.

"I need to speak to Octavia."

"No." Clarke says immediately, her voice hard. "Not now."


"Madi, not now." Clarke says, not giving her a chance to give Clarke a reason to let her go. "When everything has settled down, I'll let you two talk. But not now."

Madi removes her hand from Clarke's wrist, her expression folding within itself until even Clarke can't tell what she's feeling. Madi is usually an open girl, having spent her entire life in a hidden place with a person she loved and who loved her. She never really had a reason to hide anything. There had never been much change in the valley, but when there was, it shook them both to the core.

Five years and four months after Praimfaya

Clarke can't take it. She just can't. It's been too long since they hit the five year mark, she knows that something could be preventing them from coming down but knowing Raven, knowing Bellamy, hell, even Murphy, she knows that they are some of the most motivated people in the universe. If they couldn't figure out how to get down in five years, could they ever? Or are they even up there?

It's eating away at her. She can feel it in her stomach. The dread like a heavy rock sitting in her stomach when she wakes up in the morning and remembers that they are not here. That it's just Clarke and an eleven year old girl.

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