Chapter Three: Fear is Easy....

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September 1, 1993:
As Harry and his friends seperate from the twins and walk over to Slytherin table none of them miss the looks sent towards Harry. Disgust, confusion, amusement, and conflict was the display from the slytherin table. Harry looked up and down the table noting specifically the looks of disgust. He was having a grand time, it wasn't even the first day, and he was already getting a reaction. As he looked towards the end of the table where the group was headed, there was a new face who wasn't reacting at all. He was staring blankly and Harry already knew who it was. Draco's cousin.

He knew it because he looked like Sirius minus the age, mustache, and obvious tattoos. Once they're close enough, Harry sees that his eyes were a soft blue. As they sit, Draco next to his cousin, Harry across, Elise next to him, on his other side Blaise, and across from Blaise was Daphne, Draco greets his cousin.

"Orion, these are my close friends," pointing at each, "Elise Khali, Harry Potter, Blaise Zabini, and Daphne Greengrass. Everyone my cousin, Orion LeStrange."

Everyone except Harry nod their greeting. Orion fixes his stare on Harry and looks him up and down while Harry returns the gesture.

Grinning Harry says, "Well, shit Draco you never said he was handsome. If I knew, I would've turned down those dirty mags from the twins."

Draco splutters at Harry's statement, while Orion breaks out into a shit eating grin.

"Likewise, Potter." His voice was deep and it sent shivers down his spine.

"Harry. Im not into the whole last name thing like you purebloods, Orion."

Elise pipes in, "more like you lack respect for others."

"Hey! That's not true! I respect...myself?" He indignantly replies sounding more like a question.

The group laugh at Harry's antics but stop, along with all chatter at the table, as their head of house stands behind Harry. Harry with his shit eating grin turns around and looks up to the glowering professor.

"Ah, Severus!" He says happily causing the the Ravenclaw table to go silent.

Snape sneers at Harry, "Potter! Just like your father! No care for the rules, with a rather large ego. The headmaster wishes to see you after the feast, and detention."

Still grinning, "Oh, a large ego? Like your nose?"

Snape becomes slightly red in the face and practically growls, "where is your uniform?"

Pouting, "what? You don't like? Here I thought it was very flattering look."

If Harry was looking he would of seen that Draco was looking deathly pale. While Orion was fighting to contain his own laughter.

Snape had no response for Harry, he was so enraged at the boys audacity, that he couldn't think straight. Instead he barks out "Detention for a month!" and stalks away with his cloak billowing behind him.

Chatter breaks out between the two hushed tables. Once Harry was facing the rest of the group he nonchalantly says, "think if I ask, he'd share how he gets his cloak to billow like that?"

September 15, 1993:
Two weeks have passed and Slytherin has lost 150 points due to Harry's attire. On top of that Harry has not shown to any of his detentions even with other professors. For example two days into the term Harry was caught by Hagrid coaxing his hippogriff to follow him into the school. He lost 50 points, then given another weeks worth of detention with Mcgonagall. After that, no one can prove a thing, he then found a way into Gryffindor tower and transfigured all of the furniture into snakes.

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