Chapter 38: Before

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edited 10/05/19

She jumped out of the broken window and held a broken glass in front of her neck in process– the front pointed towards.

Jinah literally leaped forward, faster than his daughter and let his shining child appear to get stabbed by the broken glass instead of her. Everyone jumped down through the window, frantic about the king and the now unconscious Jinwoo who bumped her head hard on the ground.

The king made sure to touch his daughter's forehead– a first bloodline thing and he pulled out the glass from his shining child. He concealed her ghoul once again and put a bomb in her head that will get rid of every memory she has of her life as a ghoul and everyone part of it– starting from the less important ones. She will forget everything in time and her memories will be replaced by fake ones just like how it happened before.

Hyunjin stood frozen, he's not sure how he should react since his girlfriend just fell from the window after all.

"She's not dead," Jinah said. "But I'm going to give you another chance. Do it right this time."

"Say your goodbyes. She'll forget all of us soon and I want it to stay that way. Please watch over her, don't let her unleash her ghoul again." Jinah paused and turned to Junhyeok. "Please tell your son to control himself. He has to let my daughter go. I want her to live a normal life once again since I failed to make her accept the truth about her life. There's not much time. Everyone will disappear one by one and it's not merely by chance."

Everyone heard and Hyunjin's the first one to drop to his knees, breaking down. He thinks that it's better this way than to have both of them fight or get locked up. He'll still be able to see her but that's just it.

"Don't let her fall for you," Jinah told Hyunjin sternly. "You surely know how strict our laws are."

Hyunjin didn't speak, he just let tears escape his eyes as muffled sobs leave his mouth due to the hand covering it.

"Where are you going now?" Junhyeok asked Jinah.

"The kingdom of course. I don't think she'll ever be ready..."

"Then my son will steal the throne," Junhyeok said bluntly which made Jinah snicker.

"We'll see." He turned to Felix and Chan. "The two of you. Stay with them and I hope that you have no more cousins like Changbin. I don't want to get betrayed again."

"I'll make sure of it," Felix said, nodding his head.

"Can I ask one thing," Woojin trailed off and Jinah nodded his head for him to go on. "The bruise on Jinwoo's back... What was that?"

"It's the seal that I put and it will be triggered once again if you guys don't take care of her well," Jinah answered. "I have to go now. I'll come back if you don't do what I asked for properly."

Then he left, using his shining child to lift himself up and everyone just stared until Jeongin decided to break the silence.


Junhyeok turns to him with his eyebrows raised. "Yes, son?"

"I forgot to ask you..." The latter trailed off. "How are you alive?"

Junhyeok pursed his lips together and cleared his throat before answering. "One thing is certain. The hunters failed their poison."

Jinwoo was asleep for one whole day and when she woke up, it's due to the illusion why she couldn't see the broken window.

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