chapter thirty one - lily's flusterdness

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The sky was a pastel pink, the rising sun yellow and bright as it peeked out from behind the clouds. It was the first day in a really, really long time that it wouldn't rain, snow or both, and Sirius took that as a sign of good luck.

"Even the sky agrees that this is a brilliant idea," he said to James,Remus and Peter, grey eyes twinkling excitedly.

"I'm all for it, mate," James said, his hazel eyes twinkling just as brightly as Sirius's. "So long as I'm the one who does the talking,"

"Well obviously you must do it, who else possesses as much charm and beauty, besides myself of course," Sirius agreed, grinning at James, who grinned back.

It was barely six in the morning, but on Monday, 14th February, the Marauders had all been awaked by an overly-excited Sirius Black for his 'grandest plan yet'. James, of course, had agreed to partake wholeheartedly, but, as usual, it had proven to be quite a struggle to convince Remus and Peter.

"But I don't want to get in trouble," Peter complained. "McGonagall won't be pleased, you know."

"Of course she won't be, Wormy,but that's the point," Sirius said, ruffling Peter's hair.

"C'mon guys, it'll be fun," James pleaded. He nudged Sirius, who quickly put on his best puppy dog expression.

After a long, long pause, Remus sighed. "Fine. Count me in,"

"Yessss!" James and Sirius exclaimed in unison, grinning. They all turned to Peter.

"Fine, I'll do it!" Peter sighed. "But you owe me Honeydules chocolate bars,"

"Double fudge, the way you like it," James agreed.

Sirius leaned forward excitedly. "Gentleman, this might really be the best Valentines prank ever!"

Every year, the Hogwarts staff (mainly Proffesor Flitwick and McGonagall) held a Valentines Tea in the Great Hall after supper. They'd conjure cute wooden tables with chairs all around, set with matching floral tablecloths. Red and pink streamers would be hung up in place of the usual Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin banners.

That term, out of the four Gryffindor sixth-year girls, only Marlene and Laurelle had dates. Laurelle was going with one of her cousin's friends, and Marlene wouldn't say who her date was, only that he was a really nice guy. So seeing as they didn't have dates, Lily and Dorcas decided to go together, just for the Valentines theme.

Admittedly, Lily had been hoping James would ask her to the Tea. Ever since their little moment at the Astronomy Tower on her birthday, her feelings for James had multiplied to at least ten times what it was before. She found herself staring at him subconsciously, at his mop of imperfectly perfect black hair that looked so soft and so silky and she'd be so tempted to just reach out and touch it...And his eyes were always this soft, warm hazel colour that she always just melted in, and when he laughed, it rumbled through her body, igniting all the nerves in her down to her very toes.

These feelings made her very scared indeed.

"If it isn't my favourite person in this whole wide world," a voice said suddenly, breaking Lily out of her thoughts. And the very next second, a leather jacket-clad arm snaked around her shoulders.

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