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In the morning,We didn't have time for breakfast. We were driven to David's house for his vlog that he was lagging behind.

He was in a hurry and I wanted to help as best I could.

"Ready,loser?",he said taunting me as I looked up trying to remember every word he wanted me to say for his vlog. Apparently,nothing is off limits to David and will do anything for any type of footage which scares me but also intrigued me. I nodded and he grabbed his camera from arms length and set it on his lap. I plopped on the couch as if I had been there awhile ,after I adjusted, David clicked on his camera.

"Jason! Jason!",David called out trying to sound like he's actually calling the old man. There was silence when Jason didn't answer and he turned the camera on my relaxed body ,"Y/N can you ask Jason if he wants Chipotle?",David asked.

I nodded and jogged to the closed door and knocked politely. Once I heard my cue which was Jason's "come in" I opened the door wider to face his already breaking character. I hated it cause the camera couldn't see it since David was out of Jason's vision and only was filming the entrance I was standing in. My smile broke out for a while but I managed to ignore Jason's face. 

"Hey Y/N what's up?"

"David asked me to tell you that your a greasy,ugly,fat bitch and if you wanted Chipotle,"I said after knocking. It took maybe several tries of not laughing at the context or Jason's face when trying not to ruin the shot.

"I'll take a spicy bean bowl,"Jason said casually making David laugh at the footage.I closed the door with a straight face and immediately chuckling as Jason stepped out of the room.

I mouthed a sorry and laughed when Jason came out of the room chuckling to himself.

"That's an intro,baby,"David said watching the footage back with a satisfied smile.

I leaned in to see the video which he turned to give me a better look. I watched at the video but became distracted when David leaned more to rest his body on me and put his head on my shoulder.

His mouth was slightly open and his eyelashes made him look so angelic to the point where it was just torture to even look away from him.

"Speaking of "baby","Jason said looking at the interaction going on,"How's the engaged life?"

I guess he saw me looking at him like that,but if anything it was his fault for asking invasive questions.

"Fun,"David said putting his camera away to tell a story,"I was planning to do a double date with Scottie and Kristian but they haven't given us a date for when they're available ."

"Oh yeah?",Jason said watching me,I bet he was trying to get something out of us but I didn't know what. His blue aged eyes twinkled with something I deemed suspicious.

"Yeah. Maybe you and Trisha could come along but try not to break up until then,"David said rolling his eyes and motioning to Jason's ankle that had her name.

I couldn't help but laugh at the man's tattoo and the way he tried to hide it,"When'd you get it?"

"Not long ago but long enough to regret it."


"It wasn't much fun getting it,"Jason looked up as if remembering the pain and rubbing it as he talked to me. I stopped myself from laughing at the old man's regret and turned to David.

"So a double date? I don't remember you bringing that up?",I turned toward a preoccupied David who was turning on his laptop.

"I figured we'd benefit off that. See what couples our age are doing,researching,stuff like that,"David looked at Jason who busted out laughing.

"My man,"Jason chuckled out.

"What's so funny?",I asked Jason who was trying to hold it in.

He waved his hand off to dismiss it,"He just wants to take you out. He's bullshitting all this."

"No I'm not,"David said quickly,"I think we'd benefit from it."

"Yeah yeah,"Jason got up to refill his water cup and rolled his eyes. David looked down in disbelief.

"That's not gonna get you into my pants,Dobrik,"I joked as I playfully patted the side of his face.

I got up when David pushed me  jokingly and I made my way to his kitchen.Jason saw me coming and gave a "pssst" to motion me to his side.
Jason eyed me while he slipped his hands into the freezer.

"How's it really going with you guys?",Jason said putting ice in his water.

"What do you know that I don't?,"I laughed.

"I don't know Y/N I think he really likes you. I'd say just go easy on where you think this relationship is gonna go."

"We're under control,"I reassured Jason. He looked at me silently with piercing blue eyes and eye bags that told his age. He have a disappointed look that would make me cry if my own father gave me.

"Just be careful. He doesn't look like it but he's a romantic. He'll fall apart easily when you tell him that it's less serious than he thinks,"and with that Jason began walking away.

"W-Wait what?",I stopped him,making David look over here as a response. Jason and I both stared at him until he shrugged and began focusing on his editing again.

"What do you mean "less serious than he thinks?" How serious does he think this is?",I whispered as Jason stuttered out the beginnings of sentences but never ending them.

"I'm just saying Y/N. Don't break his heart."

And just like that he grabbed his water again and walked away from me. I began letting my thoughts wander now that I was partially alone.

He doesn't really think this marriage is real right? He doesn't really love me like a husband loves his wife. There's no fucking way.

"Y/N could you get me a water?"

I stared off into space on David's stools and was still held hostage by my thoughts. I forgot I wasn't that alone and that David was maybe 20 feet from me.


I turned to see David looking at me with his arms outstretched to stretch his arms that were over his laptop for a long amount of time.

What the fuck did he just call me?


"Can you get me a water please?"

I grabbed a bottle from his cold fridge and with an empty mind I brought it to him.

'Oh so you're just gonna ignore that you said that?,'I thought as David thanked me for the water. "Your welcome,"was all I said. 'Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you',I thought as I swallowed the lump in my throat. It was just nervousness.

Jason looked at me with a 'See?' Look and I for the first time could see what everyone else was saying. The lovey doveyness, the passion,the compatibility from an actual relationship was there but how long could I fight it off for? The two years it takes for David to get his green card or until he finds love and asks for a divorce.

But he can't right? Jason said he likes me but he isn't David. I can't trust him with David's messages and feelings as much as the next vlog squad member.

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