Let the snow fall (part 1)

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Warning, will include very descriptive graphic scenes, if gore is not your thing, I will do a resume after this one to explain what happened before the 2nd part. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


A young girl with messy short white hair was strapped to a metal table by leather restraints. She had been knocked out before she got here, guess she fought harder today. She had been in this almost torn down lab for years, at least 6. Her breaths were sharp, something was aching in her chest. An upside down heart came out of her torso, it was mostly dark red with some hints of gold in it.

It was her soul.

She started to fight against the restrains, if her soul came out it could only mean one thing... "He" was close. She wanted to dream for help, but she knew it was useless, nobody ever came when she cried out for help. She had lost hope, only meaningless determination coursed through her body and soul. She didn't need it but was still filled with it, the old leather restraints lightly burned her skin as she tried to squeeze her way out. She always tried that and time after time, day after day, it never worked. She knew what was going to happen, it was a routine, "he" would come and inject DT into her. Probably give her a fresh set of scars again, either for pure fun or for scientific purposes. She tried kicking her legs, but "he" knew her too well, he tied them too.

"Why....?" The child muttered under her breath, she knew why. It was because her soul was expandable, it could be torn apart and it would still find a way to reattach itself again. Her mind was drifting off into a sea of questions.

Tap, tap, tap

The familiar sound of feet tapping on the ground snapped her out of her trance, "he" was coming... the footsteps sounded more irritated and angry today, but why? No one knew of his existence, he had been forgotten... No one knew she existed too, she was all alone in this black hole of never ending torture.

Tap, tap, TAP

He was getting closer and closer by the second. She had to do something, she had to escape. She was determined to escape today. Her soul was burning with the gold substance that she knows as her determination.


The door flew open as a tall skeletal looking man with cracks in his face and hole in his palms stood in the doorframe. He looked irritated, just as she guessed, that only meant she would get those new scars after all... She opened her mouth and started to speak in a forgotten cipher, she spoke in wingdings...

"Wow, you look pissed." She had a slight grin on her face, she didn't know why though "Guess that means new scars and ways to torture me, how fun..."

"Subject UZ4R4... I recommend you do not push your luck today, or do you want another death on your already long list?" His voice was deep and threatening, putting the little girl known as 'UZ4R4' in her place

"N-No sir..." she mumbled, his presence suddenly caused pure terror to bloom in her chest.

"Good... You know the routine, your soul..." he said as he extended his boney arm towards it, not expecting any kind of struggle, just complete obedience. He got what he wanted, UZ4R4 complied to his demand, not trying to struggle as he wrapped his hand around it. "Since I'm in a foul mood today, we're gonna changed it up. I have a brand new toy I want to use..."

UZ4R4 shivered, she knew it was gonna be rough today. She still had that burning feeling in her soul, a burning feeling that would save her... Even with all that determination burning her body, it didn't stop him from starting his gruesome experiment. His claw like hands held a scalpel, she wanted to puke at the sight of it. That scalpel had pierced and cut through her flesh so many times, only the memories of it made her scars sting... she closed her eyes tightly and clenched her jaw as she felt the cold blade press on her heavily scarred stomach and started to cut deep. A familiar warm substance fell from it, dripping on the metal table...




The pain was numb at first but soon she felt it. She let out a scream of agony, she was sick of this.. She couldn't take it anymore... her soul felt like it was on fire, and suddenly, she felt the blade retract from her skin. She didn't know why though, she lightly opened her eyes to see that her surroundings started to be eaten by by bright scarlet flames. "He" looked around in panic as his precious lab was being burned to the ground, he wasn't realizing that he too was catching fire. His screams of agony rang in the little girls ears as her restraints were burning. She wasn't getting burned though, and a thought came through he remind 'Did I do this...?'. Of course she did, she knew it. She sat up and jumped from the table, her legs were running through the burning lab, she felt warm. She felt TOO warm, she knew she had gotten burned but she didn't care, this was her ONLY chance to escape. And she took it without hesitation....


Cliffhangers and how enraging they can be....

Anyways this is my first story so I'm nervous about it. I hope it'll hit off well because I tried the best I could to not write the whole story in one whole chapter-

This is how it'll work, the story starts by entroducing the main character's (well end of her) backstory. Then it'll come back to present events and sometimes you'll get flashbacks to her childhood.

I wish you all a good day/night!

(Word count: 1036 words)

(Btw cover art by me)



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