Chapter 2

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Y/n's POV
"Hey y/n I'm really sorry but Alan just told me that he wants you to wait on the men in suits who just came in. Something about you being late. And also don't mess it up because it's really important" I sigh.

"Okay thanks for letting me know Chris. I'll get on it now" he gives me a sympathetic smile, but I'm not exactly sure why. All I have to do is get them drinks, and I sure as hell know how to do that.

I go into the room I saw them get escorted to, but not before knocking. As I walk in, the conversation that occupied the room drops.

As I look towards the men I see how handsome they are. I couldn't exactly see their features when they first entered the bar.

The one in the corned but the wall has curly brown hair. His eyes are also a honey brown colour. He has a jaw line that was as sharp as a knife. He is wearing a black suit that shows old his toned figure. He didn't have huge, bulging muscles, but he looked strong. His facial expression was stern, almost emotionless.

The guy next to him had a similar figure, but instead he had piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. He was wearing a navy blue suit hat complimented his eyes. He had a slightly softer facial expression.

The other man was larger then the two before. He had jet back hair, and green eyes. He seemed more intimidating then the other two to me. Probably because he was probably double the size of me.

I walked over and gave them a small smile. "Hi I'm y/n. Is there anything I can get you?" I don't know why I was so shy around them, but up close they were quite intimidating. Thankfully I didn't stutter though, that would have made this whole situation a lot worse.

"I'll have a beer" the large man answered me first. He has a gruff and deep voice. It gave me chills, the kind that make you want to run away as fast as you can, and never turn back.

"Same here please" the man with blue eyes gives me a small smile. He has a perfect set of white teeth.

"I'll have a whiskey, love" the stern faced man requests, while staring right at me intensely, never being the one to break eye contact first.

"Okay if there's anything else just call for me and I'll be right over." I give them a small smile, and as I walk out all I can feel is a pair of eyes burning into me.

Tom's POV
We are talking business, just the usual, when there is an almost timid knock on the door.

A petite girl walks in. She must be around the same age as Haz and I. She has grey eyes, which are mesmerising. Her dark brown hair is tied in a messy bun on the top of her head. When she gets closer I see the tiredness and emptiness in her eyes. It's almost strange to see that, someone her age should have a spark. She almost reminds me of myself, emotionless.

The pretty girl takes our order, then gives us a small million dollar smile. She is gorgeous. God Tom stop being an idiot you don't even bloody know the girl and your mentally complimenting her. I really need some rest.

After a few minutes she comes back with our drinks. She gently lays them in front of us, and asks us if we want anything else.

Y/n's POV
I ask them if they want anything else, and the bigger man answers me.

"Well there is one thing actually sugar" I gulp and look at him. Oh please no, not today.

He puts both of his hands on my waist, as I struggle to get out of his grip. "If you want a stripper I can get one of the girls who does it in." My words come out rushed and fearful.

"And why not you? Your much more stunning than the others. My names Jason by the way." He winks at me a I mentally throw up.

"I don't get paid enough, now please let go so I can get one of the other girls" I bargain with him, and I don't know why I don't just hit him. Probably because he could crush me in seconds.

"No princess you'll definitely be better". He smirks at me and I cringe at the nickname. Princess? I don't know who he thinks he's talking to but it sure as hell isn't me.

He pulls me so that I'm sitting on his lap, but i manage to struggle off. I look over to the other two men. The blonde in looks angry, but stays quite. The brown haired one looks agitated, and looks like he wants to rip Jason's head off.

I make eye contact with the blonde boy, and he coughs twice. "Could you get us some chips as well and please love, we won't be needing anyone else here either"

I sigh in relief at this. I mouth a 'thank you' to him, and he returns it with a small smile accompanied with a head nod.

I briskly walk out the room, and go to my safety, behind the bar. Chris is working, so I ask him something I need to know. "Who are those guys?" 

He looks at me like I'm missing something huge here.

"Wait, you seriously don't know who they are?" Okay so why is he looking at me like I should know?

"No that's why I asked you obviously"

"That's Tom Holland. You know, the Tom Holland. Runs the biggest mob is London. Most feared man around here. Has so much power, he could kill someone in the blink of an eye". I stand frozen form shock. This information would have been nice before I served them.

"And the blonde one is his best man, Harrison Osterfield. Also famously known for his work in the mob" reality starts to dawn on me. I just served the most dangerous men in London. No scrap that, probably England.

"I don't know specifically who the other one was. Probably just someone they are training or whatever."


"Okay well thanks, I'm going to go and risk my life to give them some chips" this time going in the room was a lot more daunting however.

"Cheers" Harrison says as I place the food on the table.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding to answer. "Your welcome. Anything else I can get you?" I politely smile at them, hoping they answer 'no'.

Harrison shakes his head and I turn to leave. But just as I turn around, I feel something smack me.

I look around in shock, and when I realise who is was, all shock turns to pure anger seeping through me.

"Don't touch me!" I shout. The man who I don't know the name of looks at me, like he is confused as to why I shouted.

"Do you know who I am?" He asks me tauntingly.

I answer before I can even think of something sensible. "A man whore". As I say this, I see pure rage cover his face like a mask. I look over to Tom, who has a small bit of amusement playing in his eyes.

Just as I realise what I've done, the big man stands up, the chair he was just sitting at sliding and falling behind him.

"What did you say you little bitch?" He screams in my face.

Authors note:
Thank you for reading, I'm sorry there has not been much with Tom yet. I promise next chapter will have more content. I sort of dragged this chapter on. Hope you enjoyed lovelies!!

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