Chapter 39

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I'm pretty sure it only took Seth an hour to get to Northridge Med center when it should've taken two, but my mind was so far gone I hadn't even realized I was wearing two different shoes until I step out of his car in the parking garage and notice one black Nike tennis shoe and one purple Adidas tennis shoe on my feet. It doesn't stop me from following Seth to the front desk, like a zombie, where Taylor is waiting for us. He pulls me into a hug and I numbly hug him back.

He looks at me through red swollen eyes. "She's going to be okay, we have to stay positive."

I nod even though I don't believe him. Seth's warm long fingers lace through my cold ones but I can't feel them, only little tingles where our bodies are connected, like my hand is asleep.

Maybe it is.

We follow Taylor to an elevator and I'm not even sure which button he presses as they all blur together. I blink and we're standing in an empty waiting room in front of my father. He's an emotional wreck and his clothes are covered in dark red dye.

No, covered in blood. My Moms blood.

The room echos as he tells me he had received a call from her just as she hit the patch of ice. He heard everything, her terrified scream, the crunch of her tiny little car as it tumbled down the steep embankment until there was no noise. He immediately called an ambulance but arrived to the scene before them as she only made it half a mile down the road.

The car was in pieces, Mom's seatbelt not doing much for her as the roof and sides caved in. They had to cut her out of the vehicle. She shattered her pelvis, her face, she has multiple broken ribs, she broke almost every bone in her left leg, foot and left arm. Once the swelling in her face goes down they will have to reconstruct it so she will most likely not ever look like she did before the accident, but that's if they can stop the internal bleeding and swelling on her brain.

If they can stop it.

If they can.


It just keeps repeating, ricocheting through my head. You don't have to be a medical professional to know the condition my Mother is in is extremely critical and she has a very slim chance of coming back from this. Through the glass windows of the reception area we see nurses sprinting down the hallway frantically, the commotion makes my heart jump into over drive.

Please don't do this, please God.

My Father is hunched over in a chair holding his head, Taylor's by his side rubbing his back and I'm pacing across the floor. I feel Seth's eyes on me but I can't stop moving.

The chatter in the hall goes silent, any personnel that walks by doesn't look up from the ground. A few minutes later four nurses walk by and then a doctor. He has a solemn look on his face as he pushes the door open and when his lips tilt down I lose it.

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