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I inhaled, exhaled. Inhaled, exhaled. Inhaled, exhaled.

I didn't attempt to make small talk as they all chatted around me. Devon went back home, she didn't want to stay around if we were just going to be keeping an eye on the people in our year.

"Would you like a non alcoholic coctail?" Clyde came over and sat next to me. He held a glass out to me which had an orange glow with a lemon on the side.

I swallowed hard before parting my lips. "Dad uses those lemons for pancake Sunday."


"Nothing." I whispered and gratefully took the glass from him. I took a sip, but I was just met with a sour taste.

"Oh, my- what's in this?" I licked my lips and grazed my tongue against my teeth.

Clyde awkwardly shrugged his shoulders. "That's the lemon juice."

"Oh, makes sense."

I gulped it down, and although the taste was strong- I somehow loved it. "It's sour, but a nice sour."

"You want another?" He raised an eyebrow.

I nodded. "But why is it in such a small glass? Can I have it in a pint, please? I'm really thirsty."

He looked as if he wanted to laugh but instead he merely nodded and took my glass off of me. "I'll be right back."

I stood to my feet, taking my cardigan off as I felt oddly warm in these clothes and weather. I hummed, taking a stroll out into the garden and leaving the others.

I kept humming a tune in my head, not one that was recognisable but it was quite happy. I took off my shoes as I let my feet wander through the small field of grass. That was probably the only thing I liked about our house, it had a great field in the back. It's wasn't exactly that big, but it was enough to fit a swimming pool.

The wet grass tickled my skin as I wandered through the garden, feeling myself getting happier and happier in the cool air.

I kneeled down, laying back into the ground as I let out a peaceful sigh. The sky was so beautiful at night.

"Hey, baby. What will- shit."

I sat up quickly as I saw Harry snap his phone away and widen his eyes onto mine. He coughed awkwardly, leaning against the back door.

"Who were you talking to?"

"No one."

"They seemed important." I murmured.

"No one's important to me." He spoke sternly, but I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.


"Nothing." He muttered.

"No one's important to you?" I sat up on my knees.

He slowly approached me, getting out a box of cigarettes and morosely lighting one. He sat down, cross legged and all- these simplistic moments making him look somewhat empty.

"I stopped putting people first a while ago." He inhaled his cigarette and closed his eyes as the flame sparked at the end. Seconds later he stared at the floor and blew the smoke out of his mouth and it snaked around him.

"That's sad." I frowned.

"It's not sad, it's easy. I do things my own way and no one cares to stop me because I'm not close with anyone. It's not depressing, it's merely how I want it." He inhaled the end once more, and he kept it in a little too long because smoke began coming out of his nose. He then exhaled, and rolled his head back.

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