I'am Sorry

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“Simon stop it!” Isabelle giggled. Pushing her boyfriend away from the Raum demon sculpture, he was mesmerized by, and dragged him playfully away and into the lobby by the arm.

The Shadowhunter academy was new and old all at the same time. With that extravagant, old fashioned decorative flare that all Shadowhunters seemed to love.

 “You fought one of them before, at Luke's place. Well you didn't really fight it, the mark of Cain did but still, you were there. But then again I-”

“Isabelle” Simon stared at her blankly, slightly annoyed. The playful giddiness of a moment before, vanished from her face as she realized.

“Oh, right, you don't remember” She smiled trying to break the tension that had suddenly arose between them. They stood in silence, enclosed by the emptiness of the lobby.

“I am sorry” Simon said, but not too sure why. But his surprise and slightly awkward apology wasn't met by a sarcastic or condescending response. He tilted his head to stare down at the beautiful dark eyed girl at the side of him all mystery and shadows. Her expression was solemn and aimed at the floor. She spoke then in a quiet voice, little over a whisper.

“I am sorry too” She sighed inwardly and released her grip on the lanky boys arm. They stood their, together, for what seemed like a very long time. A invisible magnetic force keeping them from parting all at once. Almost making them slow down and prepare for the break, the strange emptiness that followed one of them leaving the other. The brief period of denial at the inevitable, and then. She was gone, drifting into the space. Simon watched as she disappeared blending seamlessly with the shadows of the old building. He heard a door slam shut and its sound echoed through the giant lobby. Mirroring the lingering heat of her presence and as she had faded and disappeared so did the echo. Now, Simon was alone.

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