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I can't believe it. Im finally back together with Johnny. It feels weird to be honest. I never thought I would get back with him but hey here I am.
Johnny: hey babe. Omg that feels weird.
You: I know right
Johnny: it might feel weird but it also feels right.
You: we've been through so much. I hope nothing changes
Johnny: it won't I swear.
You: let's pray together
Johnny: okay
You guys laugh for a bit
You: wait is there anyone coming today?
Johnny: Yh Carson
You: okay
Johnny: oh and Hayden
You; you mean your ex best friend?
Johnny: we are cool now
You: really? Wow
Johnny: what do you mean wow?
You: John you forgive people to easily
Johnny: I know but I can't help it
You: I know hun but you need to try
Johnny: I will TRY
You: okay
You quickly kiss Johnny and he suddenly grabs your waist and it turns into a make out session. He takes his shirt off and he swiftly takes of yours. He slips your bra off and you know the rest. I'm not going to write a dirty scene. Coz I'm family friendly most of the time
You were both out of breath
You: that was my first time
Johnny: hope it was special
You: it was but it hurts
Johnny: you'll get used to it hun
You: excuse me I'm the only person who can say hun
Johnny: well Shawn Mendes says hun so...
You: ugh whatever
You chick a pillow at him

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