Meeting The Parents ! part 1

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" I ain't going bye, leave my house and I shall have some sexy sleep." Kyle pulled off his shirt and through it on his pile of dirty clothes in his corner and kicked off his shoes and jumped on his bed.

"Bye boobies." I said kissing his cheek.

"BYE CURLY! " Kim shouted jumping on him and giving him a hug.

We walked out his room and to my surprise his dad was there kissing Kyle's mom it looked so sweet.

"Hi Mr. And Mrs. Love bye Mr. And Mrs.Love." I said walking to the door with Kim next to me.

They stopped kissing and waved us a good bye slightly embarrassed they where caught.

I and Kimberly actually walked all the way around to the front of Enrique's house, me being scared to dirty my outfit.

This shit was a long walk, it was actually the first time I walked the path to his front yard instead of jumping the wall to his.

When we got to the front I called Enrique and he open the door.

He looked me up and down licking his lips.

I swear this boy did it on purpose, he was dressed in opposite colors to me. He had on all black like from head to toe.

So he was the devil and I was the angel.

Ahh some shit you know, I should have wore all blue or red.

I took my finger and put it under his chin and lifted it so his eye were looking at mine.

"Ello babes." I said smiling up at him.

"No hug yeah." He said with a raised eye brow.

"I was just with you an hour ago " I laughed.

"Still no hug, harsh." He said sticking his bottom lip out and pouting.

I rolled my eyes and walked into his open arms, he smelt gorgeous like lynx. He grabbed my but making Kim laugh.

I pushed him off and he chuckled, "My bad it's was to hard to resist."

"Carmello here? "Kim asked walking into the house behind us, "Damn nice house."

"Thanks and yeah he's in his room second floor first door." He answered.

"Aw thanks mate."She said copying his accent.

I laughed as Kim went upstairs.

"I'm nervous."I confessed.

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