Meeting The Parents ! part 1

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"Shut up." I said rolling my eyes.

"So you ready?"Kim asked.

"No I got cold feet!" I said rubbing. My head.

"Your not getting married just meeting his parents, suck it up and stop whining." Kyle said rolling his eyes.

I jumped on him sitting on his lap and pulled at his curly hair.

"Ahh man, get off me before I poor lemon juice on your crotch to make it look like you peed then you gone have something to worry about." He threatened.

I jumped off him with lighting speed but pulled his hair one last time.

"Bitch! " he squeaked rubbing his scalp.

"Kyle your making me mad nervous, have you ever had to do this?! " I asked.

"Hell no all the niggahs I'm with are iowtfa fucks!" He said and I laughed.

Kimberly was mad confused.

"What the hell is iowtfa fucks?" Kim asked bare thinking to hard about it.

"I'm only with them for awhile fucks, damn Kim get with the program." He laughed flicking her nose.

"Oooooooooo! " She chuckled.

"Wait I got a question Kyle. Are you the fucker or are you being fucked? "She giggled.

"I'm the fucker." He said shyly combing his fingers threw his hair and his cheeks going red.

"Wait what! " Kimberly asked wide eyed.

"What's the difference doe why go to men when you can fuck a girl? She asked.

"Okay I like girls and guys and I only ever fucked one girl and one Guy. I noticed girls carry to many feeling and guys just like the comfort for awhile and really I'm not looking to stay with any one and the dude I'm with now we ain't really working out he got bitch feelings." Kyle said rubbing his head.

"Noo I like Jamal! " I said pouting.

"Well Jamal don't like your ass he mad jealous of you think I'm fucking you on the low."

"I don't like him drop him his sexy ass," I pouted, " How can you not like me I'm one sexy nice ass girl."

Kyle and Kim laughed.

"So Kyle your bisexual then, basically right." Kim asked.

"Yeah you can say that." He shrugged.

"Alright we must go look at the time!" I said looking at the clock we was post to be there five minutes ago.

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