Looks Good, Tastes Good (Part 2)

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"Did I take so long that she went to go find her own 'looks good, tastes good'?" the bartender laughed, pushing her water and lime forward. She thanked him with a smile and sipped on it. 

     She cleared her throat. "He a familiar?" 

     He took a towel and started wiping down the counter, though it was near spotless. "Yes, he is very delicious looking I might add. You don't have to worry about your friend. By the looks of it, she will be well taken care of..." He had a humorous knowing expression. 

     Aeress sighed. "So he's not a serial killer or anything of the sorts?" That made her a lot less stressed on her friend's behalf. 

     "People like that aren't allowed in here," he reassured her, "this place is very, very selective. You basically got to know a regular to get into this joint."

     "And let me guess," she took another sip, "there aren't many regulars?" 

     "Exactly." He nodded, slapping the towel over his shoulder. He held his hands against the countertop and scanned the area for customers. That night must have been a slow one. 

     "I have a question, Sir," Aeress leaned forward with her drink in hand, "is the crowd always this... delectable? It's like they aren't even human? Let me guess, vampires?" She raised her eyebrow in suggestion. 

     He laughed a hearty laugh, so contagious that she joined in. She should start a comedic career! "Something like that," he admitted with a bright smile, "but less glow in the sun and more hot, sweaty muscles. Trust me, working here is a treat." 

     "I was expecting ridicule," Aeress admitted, "so, is blondie over there single or is my friend getting played? Come on, spill the tea." 

     He grinned and looked over at them as they got impossibly closer. Talk about chemistry. "I have a feeling that his single status," he tilted his head in the direction of Shaya, "is about to change." 

     Aeress looked back again and really studied the male. He was handsome, very handsome actually. His suit most likely cost more than her car. She sipped her drink and couldn't decide whether to be happy about his prediction. "At least their babies will be gorgeous." 

     "That is a plus-be right back hun!" He went off to serve a newly arrived customer. Aeress was left alone. 

       And just then is when her bladder came to life, demanding that she find the nearest bathroom. Taking one long look at her friend who was obviously having a better time than her, she hurried off before she peed her pants. 

     She wasn't going to lie. On her way, she was eyeing every hot male, because why the hell not?! 

     Aeress was so focused on one that she hadn't notice the wall of muscle in her path. On impact, she instinctively placed her hands on this male's waist to steady herself. But this was a mistake as her wandering hand brushed against the cool metal surface of a weapon. 

    Her eyes widened and her face paled. Ah hell! 

    He hissed out a breath, and shoved her away. She was caught off guard and stumbled, looking up to find him reaching for his weapon. 

    Not wanting to die, she screamed, inching away, something not so easy when one was terrified. 

     His hand reached forward with his gun raised, and she covered her head, realizing they were too close for her to escape his bullet. 

    But instead of shooting her, he came forward and yanked at her hair, pulling her with him, making her the perfect shield. 

    And then he began to spray bullets, aiming at above. She looked up in time to see a flash of copper hair before the person took cover. 

    She struggled and realized that more men, dressed like her kidnapper in dark clothes began to shoot at the patrons. 

     Besides her thumping heart, there were shouts, glass shattering, firing of guns, and screeches of carnage. 

    He dragged her into a corner, forcing her to stand in front of him as he shot off more bullets. 

     The grip on her hair brought tears of anger to her eyes. Who the fuck did this guy think he was? 

    A bullet grazed her ear, causing Aeress to crumple in both shock and fear. 

    She was pulled back, and she felt some of her strands detach from her head. She screamed, "get off of me!"

     His breath was harsh on her ear. "You stay up or I butcher you and everyone you love." She trembled at the truth in his tone. "Now get back up, it's time to go!" 

    She held her ear and shook her head. "No, please." With the strength of a lion, he began to drag her again against her will. 

     She stumbled after him, feeling as broken glass sliced into her legs. She cried out, calling for help, though was drowned out by the gun fire. 

    Her head could only look so far with the stranger's controlling grip in her hair. So many people were shouting and fighting. 

     She had no idea where Shaya was, and prayed to god she was fine. 

     "Move it!" he growled when she slowed down. 

   She saw that they were approaching an exit and began to panic and realized that what awaited her beyond that door had to be worse than death. 

    Not knowing what else to do, she let her hand graze against the floor, slicing her palm when she found a shard of broken glass. She held on, held her breath, and shoved it into the side of his knee. He fell like a bag of bricks. They went tumbling. While he attempted to remove the piece of glass, she snatched his gun. 

    She tried to crawl away with the gun clutched in her palm. His hand curled around her ankle. Her body slipped when her other foot shot against his shoulder. 

    They wrestled. Aeress was terrified beyond description. She had pictured the brave things she would have done before, but now that it was happening, those cool moves slipped out of her mind. 

   She aimed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. The brunette shoved her wrist, causing the bullet to to change direction. She screamed when blood spilled from his neck and onto her face. 

   He rolled off of her and she scrambled away. She got up and raced to the door, uncaring that bullets were flying all around. She just wanted to get Shaya and get the hell out of there. 

   Aeress cried when her friend was nowhere to be found. She pulled at the exit door and had panicked when it wouldn't give. "Shaya, where are you?" Red lights were flashing all around. It was so damn loud! She couldn't think! 

    Not knowing was else to do, she found a spot underneath a booth and wedged herself beneath the table and as far from the battle as she could. 

    With the foreign gun in her hand, she squeezed her eyes shut and burrowed her face in her knees. So this was how she would die?

   The sounds of battle continued. Bullets made contact all around her. She couldn't make herself move, not even when another bullet lodged itself into her hand, and another grazed her shoulder. Aeress just sat there and bled out, because there was no other window of escape. 

     She shivered when other sounds rung out, similar to that of beasts. Oh, what a terrible song of sounds to die to!

   Minutes passed of her quivering, feeling more and more cold. But she would not move, not even to save her life. 

   And then the noise began to wane, or maybe it was her brain shutting down? 

   Soon silence sprung upon the air. Until somebody started shouting, and everyone got into gear. 

     One of the sides had found victory. 

    She was frozen, wondering if the man she shot was still alive. 

    Was it his side that triumphed?

    She felt herself drifting off and was glad that though she would be dead soon, she would at least not have to face the victor. 

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