Let Me Introduce Myself

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Third Pov Time Skip to lunch

You started walking to the lunch room having no idea who to sit with or even what to get.

"*sigh* what do I do, I don't even have friends yet!"

"Hey! Wanna sit with us? We have a few questions afterall." A girl with pink skin and black eyes call. Whats her name again I heard that explosion boy call her raccoon eyes

You hesitated "hm... ok.." you try to act shy... you sit down and awkwardly fidget in your seat

"Hey, so what exactly is your quirk it looks so cool!" A frog like girl asked

You smiled "well my quirk is called Beast Beneath the Moonlight and For the Tainted Sorrow-"

" Wait a moment YOU HAVE TWO QUIRKS AND WE ONLY SEEN ONE?!?" a pair of floating clothes say

You nod. "Wow" she continues

" I find my quirk a mouthful so please call it white gravity" you explain with a smile just glowing in everyone's faces

You notice there are some girls missing but you pay no mind to it cause your only new after all

You explain your quirk to all the girls and they stay in shock in how cool your quirk is, you also tell them that as Mr.Aizawa mentioned you were a recommended student but refused it because of your own decision and couldn't make the first exam due to personal reasons.

Eventually a girl with brown hair comes up with 2 boys one that had a very messy green hair and the all familiar peppermint boi. You smile and say hi.

You quickly met the rest of the class and learned their names, the explosion boy was called Katsuki Bakugou, the messy green bush is Izuku Midoriya, and the peppermint boi is called Shoto Todoroki. Of course you learned everyone else's name but naming them here is just too much work for author-Chan so back to this story!

The Lunch bell rung and your next class was hero class. You followed the girls into the locker room remembering oh shoot I forgot to send in my hero costume to the school so you just walked out in your uniform and told Aizawa the situation.

You watched as everyone was training and decided why don't I have a little fun game with your gravity quirk you made the entire room slowly increasing the gravity, no one noticed until Uraraka noticed she can't control the rocks she was using anymore they are just falling to the floor, everyone was panting tired cause of the gravity and the intense training that All Might gave everyone.

"What's...*pant*...going..*pant*.....on...." Todoroki said heavily panting...

"I feel like my knees won't work and my heart is about to drop! I CANT FEEL ANY AIR!!!" The purple boy kid said I didn't even bother remembering his name that shitty perv

You sat there smiling on top of a huge rock. Your used to this cause in training you would sit in your backyard and slowly decrease the gravity around you so far you haven't gone even past your usual practice time so your not easily effected but slowly looking at the students you notice they have a LONG three years ahead of them.

"What is this?" Mina says on the floor

"Y/n please stop I know you are bored and also very talented but these are your classmates" Aizawa explains standing tall with no emotion or look affected.

You grin. "Ok Aizawa just thought it would be a little fun.... but I have to say..... they have a long way to go I'm sure you know that too..." you say with a little malice. You look a little scary eyes covered with your hair still with a grin on top of a rock looking like a queen on top of the world.

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