chapter 1 | the fallout

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Four Years passed since kara and lena separated, after a regret on Kara's behalf.

They were well on their way to becoming a family. Thanks to a solution concocted by Kara's sister, Alex.

Everything was going well for the two. They were deep in love, expecting twins. Until kara became restless under stress.

She made a grave mistake of having an affair with her co-worker, Mike Mathews. Otherwise known as mon-el of daxam.

Kara wanted to be honest, and open with her now ex-wife. So she confessed. Resulting in her siding with Mike, she left.

Lena unexpectedly went through the last 3 months of the pregnancy alone. Yet, kara wanted one of the two twins. they are her children, after all.

Four years later, in the now. Kara and lena are still In contact. With the boy, eli. Living with kara and mon-el. And the little girl, ellie. Living with lena in her apartment.

"Eli, time for bed buddy." Mon-el says whilst jogging down their house stairs to the sidewalk.
"Did mommy say so?" The brueneutte haired boy asks, still playing and making no eye contact.
"Yes, your mom says so." Mon-el rolls his eyes discreetly, "Do you want me to get her?"

"Kara, he's not not listening..again." mon-el complains over the phone.

Kara walked down the flight of stairs and out the house door. She carefully picked up her son and carried him in as he practically fell asleep In her arms.

Kara slowly lied eli down on his small toddler bed and tucked him in.
"Mommy, I don't like mon-el very much." The young boy whined, as he rubbed his tired hazel eyes.
"Well, mommy sort of likes him, buddy." Kara explains with hesitation, but with a bright smile trying not to upset her son.
"Where's momma and ellie? I like them." He insists in a tired tone.
"I know. Maybe ellie wants to play with you, huh?" Kara suggests with a smile, "I can ask momma if she can come over this weekend."
"Yeah. I want that." Eli yawned, resting his head on a small pillow.
"Okay, sounds great. Goodnight, buddy."
Kara placed a small kiss on the boy's head, and backed out of the room quietly.
She closed the door lightly and pulled her phone from her pocket.

"Hi, lena uhm, it's kara. I wanted to ask you something."
"Alright fine then. make it quick."
"Eli so desperately requested that ellie come to visit this weekend. You think we could make that work?"
"Maybe we could pick up where we left off while they're at preschool?"
"Oh you mean pick up at the part where you left me six months pregnant for a fling?"
"Lena i-..."
"Right. you mean The part where we discussed how your boy toy is a bad influence on eli."
"That part I guess. Look I know I messed up-"
"That is the understatement of what..? Four years? danvers?"
"Look, he just really misses his sister. Can we work something out?"
"Alright, fine. Tomorrow will do. Have a Good night, kara."
"You too." Kara said over the phone with a smile, before hanging up.

"Who was that?" Mon-el asks, putting his hands on Kara's hips.
"It was no one." Kara scoffed, pulling out of his grasp. Disappointed In herself about what she did those years ago.
"Come on kara. Seriously." He chuckled, "if you can't tell me. How can I know I trust you?"
"This shit again? You trusting me?" Kara groaned
"Well, trust is a Important part of a relationship, right?" Mon-el says with a smirk.
"This so called relationship is only a thing because of what you did." Kara sighed, washing her hands and making no eye contact.
"We're working around that, though. Right?" Mon-el says, "now who was that?"
"It was lena. Eli wants to see her and ellie this weekend." Kara explains, drying her hands.
"Why can't he just stay here twenty-four-seven?" Mon-el shrugs.
"He deserves to see them. Besides, I'm his mother. I get to make the decisions for him." Kara states, knowing what mon-el was insinuating.
"Why can't we get legal guardianship?" Mon-el suggests.
"Because I don't want to. That wouldn't be fair to lena. I left her before they were even born." Kara sighed, still, disappointed in herself.
"Who cares what she thinks?" Mon-el scoffed.
"I the hell do, mon-el. She's not some damn object." Kara snarked.
"Okay then, do whatever you want. But include me sometimes."
Kara scoffed, "Truthfully? He doesn't listen to you because you don't spend time with him. Which is resulting in him telling me he doesn't like you." She states, "four years ago you and I were great. Until they were born, and then you were pissed that I decided to take eli in and actually be a good mother and not cater to you all the damn time." Kara yelled, completely stunned with anger by what the daxamite had said.
"Okay, you know what? I'm sorry. That was unacceptable." Mon-el said, trying desperately to put off what the blonde had just said.

"No. you know, I just need sleep. I'm fine." Kara sighed, rubbing her forhead in stress.
"You know what?, I'll take the couch. I deserve it. " Mon-el says softly, motioning towards the couch in the living room.
"You really don't need to." Kara says, practically panting.
"No. The things that I said have consequences." Mon-el chuckled, taking his shirt off and bringing in a blanket. "Good night, kara." He smiled.
"Good night." Kara says, making her way towards the bedroom.

Morning rolls around. Kara was exhausted. But still got up in hopes of meeting lena on time.

By the time kara walked into eli's bedroom, mon-el was already attempting to get the young boy dressed in his clothes kara had set out the night before.

"Oh hey, I'm trying to get him ready. Slowly but surely." Mon-el chuckled after turning around to see kara standing in the doorway.
"And he's...listening?" Kara questions confused, since her son is almost always defiant towards mon-el.
"For the most part. He's very happy since I told him he'd be seeing lena today. Right buddy?" Mon-el smiled.
"I get to see ellie. I'm excited." The boy laughed happily.
"Yeah. I am too." Kara smiled.

"Alright, go on! You have to get ready too."

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