Yang Xiao Long

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Y/n fell from the force of Yang's punch, hitting his head on the wall. The alarm sounded, signaling the end of the training session.

"Too bad, creature." She said. The busty blonde smirked and turned, walking off with her sassy walk. Y/n watched her hips away back and forth as she moved. This was not a good day for him. Usually he wasn't so easily defeated, but since he revealed his true nature as a grimm to defeat a massive swarm of them from overrunning the city gates, he hasn't had the easiest time. Everyone who he thought he got along with, all his true friends, and even his girlfriend Blake, all turned on him when he was discovered. Now he was trying to win back their trust, but nothing was working, and he suffered because of it.

He got up rubbing his head where the impact was, and walked to his empty dorm, flopping on the bed in defeat. Yang has been especially cruel to him recently. First she destroyed his relationship with Blake, then broke his scroll, she broke into his dorm and read his private journal, releasing the contents to the public, and she threw in a red sock with all his white clothes. Now everything was pink. Pink!!! He sighed and got ready to shower. Yang was a problem to be dealt with, and he knew just the thing to do. Yang is highly regarded as a wonderful fighter, and she is known as one of the sexiest girls in Beacon. That body of hers would be excellent compensation for his suffering. Now the only trick, would be getting her alone.

Y/n got his new scroll from his dresser and asked Yang to meet him for a rematch in the forest. Yang never turns down a challenge, and this proved to be no different. She accepted without thought, a mistake that would prove her undoing. They met deep in the forest, and Yang was ready to face her opponent. She took her combat stance as Y/n stood there, staring at her. She met his eyes, which were glowing green. A deep green. A beautiful color, She thought. She waited for him to make a move, but as long as he was going to stand there, she admired his eyes. She couldn't look away. It was as if she was being pulled towards him. His eyes were so captivating. When he spoke, however, his voice was so smooth, yet commanding. "Come closer, Yang" he said. His voice was quiet, but she heard it so clearly. Closer? If the fool wants his beating so badly, then fine. She moved closer, ready to strike, when his eyes changed color. Now they were a deep red. Another wonderful color. She was captivated by his eyes. "Take off your gauntlets and come closer" he said. Her trusty weapons did feel a lot heavier than usual. And they were seemingly irritating as well. It's fine. She'll beat him without them. They clattered to the ground as she moved closer and closer, his eyes becoming more irresistible the closer she got. When she finally reached him she was in a full trance, swaying back and forth as she stared helplessly at him. "Listen close, Yang." She was listening. "You are my slave. You love me more than anything or anyone. Your sole purpose in life is to pleasure and love your master." It was true. She loved Y/n. She loved him so much. She wanted to be his source of comfort. A place for him to feel appreciated. "You will obey my every command, no matter what, no matter what it is, and you will do so happily. Do you understand?" He asked. She understood. She will be the best slave ever. "Yes, my master. I am your slave. I exist to serve. I will obey all of your orders, and I will do it happily." She smiled at her new master, ready to serve. He spoke softly but firmly. "You will go to the training hall and train hard. Afterwards, you will feel compelled to visit me. You will return to your normal self and forget we met here" She nodded and picked up her gauntlets, heading to the training hall. Y/n watched her go and went back to his dorm to prepare.

He changed his sheets, cleaned the place up, and did everything a guy typically did when a girl would come over. He just finished when he heard a knock, and he opened to reveal his new toy, soaked with sweat from a hard day's work. He smiled. "Yang, What brings you here?" She stood there, looking confused. "I... I don't know. I-" Y/n smiled as his plan was working. "Enter, slave" Yang gulped nervously. "Yes master." She entered his dorm and he closed the door, locking it down tightly and turning to the busty blonde. "Strip, Yang. Completely." She nodded and began. "Yes master." In a few moments she stood completely naked, sweat glistening off her smooth, flawless skin. She stood, awaiting orders. Y/n grabbed her breasts, squeezing lightly, earning a few moans from her. He pushes her back on his bed, and takes his pants off. She stares at his 12 inch long erect cock. "Spread yourself, Yang" Her legs opened wide, showing off her wet pussy. He places his hands on her thighs, holding them open, and slowly puts the tip in, before ramming his massive member into her. She screams from pleasure, throwing her head back and moaning his name as he rams deep in her. He thrusts with passion, fondling and groping her breasts and ass as he invaded her womanhood. She shivers and shakes from the pounding she receives, enjoying every moment as her master claims her for himself. He thrusts deeper and deeper inside her, as she struggles to keep going. He thrusts deeper and deeper until finally cumming, filling her to the brim with his grimmlike seed, which only serves to enslave her to his will more. Yang gives one last big moan before her beautiful eyes roll upwards, and she passes on into the realm of sleep.

Y/n lays beside his new slave, very satisfied. "Sleep, Yang. For when you awaken, we'll go again, and again, and again..." the poor girl moans, registering his words as in her dreams, she's still going, still being used as his toy. He smiles as she squirts her juices all over herself in her sleep, and he holds her close. A smile grows on her face. "M..ma..ster..." she cuddles with him as she rests. Meanwhile, Y/n is now deep in thought. That went very well. But why stop here? After all, Beacon is full of lovely young women, all who could be swayed as easily as Yang was. Time to draw up some plans.

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