A Chance Encounter?

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Alright everyone welcome back to my Male Reader x RWBY story! I hope you guys are liking it so far and will stick with it! Anyways Enjoy!


"Hey kid, you want another drink?" A well built man with black hair and beard accompanied by glasses with red lens asked as he patted Y/N's shoulder as he walked past the boy. There was a lion in the corner of the bar with two girls, Melanie and Miltia Malachite. The twins were cuddling with it and Regulus was obviously enjoying the attention. Y/N simply waved his hand and grunted as he sighed.

"Yeah...thanks Junior." Y/N said sadly as he put his head down again. Earlier that day he was confronted by Tai, Summer, and Ruby who had brought him his acceptance letter...or rather his rejection letter. Apparently due to his "wild card of a power" he was rejected by Glynda Goodwitch. It was odd to him considering he knew Ozpin personally and assumed he would get in. After they had told him they quickly gave him hugs and words of encouragement before they left. Ruby was pretty sad about it, but apparently Yang had been destroyed. The pair had been talking about going to Beacon since they were little and decided they would even be on the same team. Now...now that wasn't an option. Yang had been accepted...hell even Ruby had been accepted! Was Y/N really just that much of a wild card!? It made him angry and it certainly hit him hard. Even Regulus was hurt on behalf of his partner. His pride suffered a blow too, considering he was part of the reason he was rejected. Now Y/N was drinking at one of Al's closest friends bar, Junior's. He had brought Yang here a few times when they wanted a change of pace or to just wind down. Of course, Tai was not very fond of the idea, but Yang and Y/N were natural born rebels.

"So what's got ya so down kid?" Junior said as he slid a Pineapple Rum towards the teen. "You're usually just a big ray of sunshine."

"Ah well I got rejected from Beacon while my friends got in. Turns out I'm too much of a "wild card" as they put it." Y/N took a drink before swirling his little umbrella in the drink. He thought of Yang and how upset she must be let alone how destroyed Ruby is. His little amount of pride took a blow knowing that Ruby had gotten in though. Sure she was amazing at fighting...but he was two years older and stronger than her! Hell he had a literal LION as a partner! "Guess I just wasn't good enough. Apparently, I gotta take another year at Signal and then I can reapply, but after that I'm not sure if I even want to get into Beacon."

"Bah! What the hell do they know? Those damn stuck up hunters have their own heads up their assess. They wouldn't know what true skill is if it hit em in the damn face!" Junior said as he crossed his arms. "I can't even count how many odd jobs you've helped me out with since your Uncle introduced us. Besides, your partner over there is a real attraction for the ladies. Ever since you tamed your damn power the thing has gotten a soft spot for Mel and Mil."

"Heh, sounds like Regulus alright." Y/N said as he chuckled. "The real problem is that I'm gonna lose the only two friends I hae that are my age. I swear everyone I know is 3 times older than me!"

"Hey, make that two times boyo!" Junior said laughing. "I'm guessing you're talking about blondie and red? Worried they'll boyfriends and forget about little old Y/N?"

"Oh what does it matter!" Y/N said as he dropped his head on the counter. "They're going to forget about me eventually. Those two can go so much farther than me and Regulus can."

"Ah c'mon kid! You know you care more than you let on." Junior said grinning. "The way you care about those girls is more than just as a gay friend. Besides have you seen the way they look at you! They act like you're the only man in the world."

"Apparently not good enough to get into Beacon..." Y/N said before both him and Junior jumped up when gunshots were heard outside. They both looked at each other than at the door as Regulus, Militia, and Melanie all hopped up and went over to the two men. "And of course someone has to be a dick right now!."

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