9: I Don't Need That Freakyness

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Natasha PoV

This boy... His parents are missing. Tony told us his theory about Hydra. It does make some sense, but I feel like something is missing. Could it be that monsters are supposedly real too? Aliens are real, yes, but monsters are a different story.

And Percy's been fighting for years. Those scars leave me with no doubt. Percy has been through some stuff. There wasn't anyone to protect these kids outside of their camp. Children, fighting monsters to survive.

Children fighting. It's sickening. It's wrong.

Steve walks by, clearly agitated.

"What's wrong, Steve?"

He spins to look at me. He doesn't know what to say, until he just opens his mouth. "Percy wanted me to punch him!"

"Really? Why?" I ask him.

"He wanted to practice bracing and blocking punches instead of dodging!"

"So, you didn't punch him?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm a supersoldier, and he's just a kid." Steve says.

"He's fought monsters, Steve." I say coolly.

Steve sighs. "I know. I don't know. He's a kid. I can't punch a kid."

"Did he tell you why he wanted you to punch him?" I ask, curious.

"He wanted... I don't know. I didn't really understand. I was kind of caught up in the whole punching thing." He says.

"Alright. I'm guessing he's at the gym?" I ask.


"I'm gonna go talk to him." I say, and leave the room.

I find him still at the gym. He looks extremely frustrated. He's on the sparring mat, swinging and moving around.

He makes a grumble-groan like sound and throws his head back to look up. He takes a deep breath and looks back, and sees me.

"Oh. Hey, Natalia." He says.

"You upset Steve." I tell him.

"Ugh. I didn't mean to." Percy says.

"Then what did you mean to do?" I ask.

"I just wanted to practice." He says.

"Practice what?" I ask my arms crossed.

"A lot of monsters are a lot bigger and stronger than me. I have to be able to hold up to a strong blow." Percy explains.

"How big are you talking?" I ask. If there are monsters, I need to know what is out there.

"Um..." He hesitates. "The big ones can be anywhere from like 8 feet to the occasional 50."

"50 feet?" I blink.

"Well, yeah..." He shuffles a foot.

"Have you fought one that big?"

"Um..." He thinks. "I'm not sure if that counts, actually..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask.

"Well, some ah, monsters, are actually kind of places." He says.

"That doesn't make any sense." I say.

"I know it doesn't." Percy sighs.

"Well, I can spar with you if you want." I offer.

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