Chapter 21 : Mystery

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Taehyung's POV
I felt the hot bright sun shining through my window. I opened the curtains with my eyes squinted because of the bright light. I took a sip of my daily morning coffee as I walked around the room slowly. "Hmm..." The sound that came to my mouth as I checked the clock. It's 8 am now... I let out a big yawn as I stepped inside the bathroom and decided to take a quick shower.

I wore a black shirt and a pair of my favorite sweats. I grabbed my phone from the bed and went out of my door. I walked to the room where the girls are in. I knocked the door for a few times as I wait for either one of them to open it for me. It wasn't opening... I knocked the door again and tried to open the door. It was unlocked...

I decided to go inside. I opened the door slowly as I gave a small peek to see inside. It was quiet... The girls aren't here... I walked inside as I looked around the room. "Hello? Anyone here?" I asked as I look carefully in each rooms. No one's here... I went closer to the window and opened the curtains. I was daydreaming for quite a while and all of the sudden I felt a hug behind me.

I turned back but then the person covered my eyes. "Irene?" I said as I start to feel quite excited. Suddenly I started to feel the person kissing me. "You're greedy huh?" I teased as I hugged her. She suddenly kissed my lips hungrily as she wrapped her hands around my neck.

"T-Taehyung?!" I heard Irene's voice which made me so shocked. I came back to my senses and realised something. "Irene... It's not what it looks like..." I push the girl away. I saw Irene's eyes getting teary, she ran away. "Wait!" I said but it was too late. She left... I turned back and looked at the girl. "Y-Yuqi?!" I said in shock. She was sitting on the bed innocently, wearing a short red dress.

She looked at me with a blank face, staring at my shocked face. "Long time no see Taehyung..." She said and gave me an evil smirk. "Y-Yuqi... Why did you-" I said but all of the sudden she stood up and held my hand. I looked at her hand holding mine tightly. "I don't want you to lose in the bet... I did what I should do to save you." She told me. "The bet?" I asked. "Yes I know about the bet... Jimin told me and Taemin about it." She told me.

I sighed as I brushed my hair to the side. "What does Jimin want from me?" I said angrily as I slammed the table beside me. "Your position... Your richness and your life." Yuqi said softly. "He's crazy... Really..." I said to her. "You know him... He does anything just to get what he wants." Yuqi raised her eyebrow. I nodded in agreement. "Did he tell you anything?" I asked her curiously. "To be honest, I think he had feelings for Irene..." Yuqi said which made me silent.

"What?" I asked. "I opened his drawer and saw some photos of Irene. I don't know if he's obsessed with her or is he targeting her for something..." Yuqi told me. "Tell me about the bet." "If I don't like Irene being my secretary, I can fire him and he will lose his job... But I will lose my job if I don't make Irene quit..." I told her. "But the thing is... I love Irene... I don't want her to leave..." I said.

"Mianhae..." Yuqi suddenly apologized. I was shocked and turned to her with a confused expression. "I'm sorry for kissing you in front of her like that..." She said. "I forgive you but... I don't know what to say to Irene now..." I crossed my arms.

Irene's POV
I smacked my own head multiple times. Stupid... Stupid... Stupid... Ughhh! Who is she? Why would she kiss him? Does Taehyung have another girlfriend? I.. I feel so hurt! I smashed my phone to the ground as I felt a struck in my heart. How could he...? Why would he...? Why should he...? Why did he...? The questions started to pop in my mind.

I sighed and wiped my tears. I walked out of the bathroom slowly. I saw a glass of warm water on the wooden table and took it. I slowly drank the water till I felt myself getting weak. The glass slowly became loose and fell off my grip. It broke. "Oh no..." I said as I slowly kneel on the floor to have a clearer view. My head suddenly hurts a lot... I laid on the floor as I started to breathe heavily.

"I don't know what to do without you..." I mumbled. "I miss you already..." I said in a shaky voice as I closed my eyes. "I-Irene..." I heard his voice behind me. I saw him and felt a slight happiness inside. I forced myself to stand up and smiled. I approached him and touched his cheek with my both palms. All of the sudden, his figure faded away slowly. It wasn't real... I came back to my senses as I slowly walked away from the spot.

"Irene..." I turned back as I heard a female's voice. I slowly blink to get rid of my blurry vision. The figure walked closer towards me and slowly held my hand. "I heard what happened..." She said. "Who are... You?" I asked as I can't seem to recognise her. "Irene... Please..." She said as she shook my shoulder. My tears started falling out. "I-I can't see you... I don't know why?" I started panicking. "Eonnie... Calm down..." Another girl said as she hugged me.

"Jennie...?" I recognised her voice. "Eonnie... Go take a rest..." She said to me. I nodded before going up to the bed to rest. I was crying for hours till I fell asleep. Once I woke up, I felt a bright light shining towards me. Am I dead? Ugh my head... "She's awake." I heard an unfamiliar voice said.

Jennie's POV
After Irene slept for a few hours, she hasn't been waking up. "Should I wake her up?" I asked Eunbi. "We should let her rest... She's stressed out." Eunbi told me. I sighed and walked inside the room. "Irene eonnie... Come on, it's time to wake up." I said.

I walked closer towards Irene as I didn't get any reply. I shook her shoulder as I look at her closely. "Irene? Oh God you look so pale..." I said as I put my hand on her forehead. It was hot and she was sweating. "E-Eunbi...?" I called Eunbi as I felt frightened by Irene's state. After a few seconds, the door slammed open. "Yeah?" Eunbi said. "I-Irene..." I pointed at Irene. Eunbi ran towards us and checked Irene.

"Take her to the hospital. Now!"

To be continued...

Sorry for my grammar errors and stuff... I know I'm not a good writer but I'm trying my best to continue the story. Thank you for reading and supporting! Hope you enjoy!

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