Chapter 5

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Party Time P2

Ray had walked up behind Nose and nuzzled her neck before whispering in her ear, "Hey sexy, what brings you here? How's our pup doing?" They'd had one several years ago.

Gentle didn't thump him since he was standing so close to Nose, "Ray that was so wrong. If she wants to bite you on the tail, I'll hold you down while she does it." She'd stopped to say hello to someone which let him get away from her which could be a bad thing at times.

Ralph laughed, as he had seen the fellow Alpha smiling mischievously as he came up. *Nice one* he said silently to just Ray.

Fast Paws growled as she could feel her mate's amusement. "Pack Fathers—Alphas included—are just big boys." She commented, before giving him a swat.

Ralph sighed, "I don't think it will be a month of leftovers, but a week or two, it looks like. We eat much more. Alpha Adam once commented that since we shift, we are basically eating for two, and I have to agree; our metabolism is much higher than the normal human.

She turned and bit Ray on the shoulder, "Damn pack fathers! You deserved the bite. You shouldn't interrupt me while broadcasting." She gave him a good hug, "She's doing well and just went through her first heat. Now if you don't mind my getting back to work?" She sent evil thoughts to her camera woman since she was getting feelings of amusement from her.

Gentle glanced at Fast Paws, "I just hope yours doesn't come with a horrible sense of humour. I've seen temple mothers and temple fathers consider running screaming from some his worst jokes." Now she thumped him and decided to ignore him for a while.

Zantha thumped him as well, "You deserved that bite."

Ralph just smiled more, not saying anything. "What else would you want to see?" He knew when to keep his muzzle closed and not rile up the females more; like the wolves of his pack, the Folicans had sharp teeth

Nose smiled, "For the most part I'd like to talk those who might want to talk. Show the welcoming party and keep talking to you. It might sound self serving but my viewers are fascinated by having..." She struggled to define how or what to call them, "Humans who can change shape." Even with the information she wasn't sure what to call them.

Ray shrugged, "Pretty much the same. Talk to people hand out hugs and spend time getting to know your pack. I greatly enjoyed getting to know and spending time with Adam and his pack."

Ralph nodded, "Generally, we call ourselves Werewolves, or just Wolves for short. In general, those of us that can change our shape, call ourselves 'Were' since we have Werecats for the tigers, lions, and the like." He grinned at Ray, "Well, most of my pack is mingling with the others. We should do the same." He motioned to the others that were gathering to get to know the others.

"Thank you Alpha. I remember looking at the footage of your coming out and I have to admit I had to have someone brush my ears and tail. The fur was standing up and I swear it felt like it took two days for it to smooth down." She gave him a wry smile.

Ralph laughed, "I am sure we did that to many of the Folicans. If humans had tails, I am sure there is many that would need a brushing too."

Since the party had started, she was slowly moving towards the tables. When one wolf walked past, she had to stare at the pile of food on the plate, "Is that a normal meal?" She was almost wondering how the plate was remaining in one piece.

Fast Paws laughed hard, "I thought that too. They will be back for seconds when they are done. I have got used to it."

Ray snorted, "The first time I went to Adam's pack I knew they ate more since Hands talked to me. I was still shocked at how much they ate. I know we eat more than a normal human to power the nanites but good god. I have to admit the food was incredible. They say a full wolf is a happy wolf. When you toss in excellent food it just makes them happier."

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