Chäpter Thïrtëen

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Evangeline's P.O.V

I wanted to scream. The agony that I felt ripping beneath my skin was enough to make me fight against whatever was holding me in what seemed to be my own prison like a wild animal. Or I did before another wave of nausea kicked in and sent me reeling. I moved to writhe against the table in hot agony, only to find my body was still stuck in a frozen like state, my eyes trapped closed and my mouth sealed shut.

"--of course I do. But I don't see how--" Della's voice filtered through my ears before being smothered completely by the sound of rushing blood.

I wanted to groan in frustration, but of course I couldn't. I was instead stuck in what felt like the pits of hell itself. My blood felt like it was boiling beneath my skin, and the only one who could sooth the flames was too far away, chatting with Della.

I pushed again against what seemed to me an invisible wall, only to end up wailing as the translucent screen seared my fingertips. The feeling of confinement struck up some odd feeling of familiarity within me; the case of me not able to control my own limbs seeming strikingly familiar.

"--dangerous... Too risky. We coul--"

Another voice filtered into my ears, but I was too busy gritting my teeth against the heat to focus too much on the words. Why was I stuck like this? All I needed was Caydens touch. I just needed the soothing feel of his skin on mine.

But why did I feel that way? Why did I need Cayden? Why was I so hot in the first place? Was it from the fire I was toying with before the ball? Did I do something with it? Something wrong?

So many questions fired through my head that I felt slightly dizzy. Instead I tried to push the pain to the back of my mind and focus. Focus on the blur of words that flowed over my ears incoherently. After a few moments, I finally could hear a muffled voice entering my senses.

"-hold her much longer.. She's fighting me and she's grown much stronger these days of late. Maybe you-"

I mentally stomped my foot as the voice was muffled by the pounding of my heart yet again, the fire boiling within my veins reaching higher and higher as time passed. I pushed against my entrapment, mentally visualizing a clear wall like Della had instructed me to in the past. The key to willful magic was visualization. At least that's what she had always told me.

When the wall was made real enough in my minds eye, I pressed the length of my palms along its cool surface. I prepared myself for the heat that would try and shove me from its surface and braced myself against the onslaught of hot electricity that raced throughout my limbs. A whimper mentally escaped my lips as I pushed past the pain, pushing my own will for freedom against whoevers will was holding me under. The pressure that pushed back against mine surprised me, but I ignored it and pushed harder, imagining the coolness of my skin if I were to break out. If I could get to Cayden.

My brain was too hazed to really wonder about the meaning of my own actions; the only thing I could think of was Cayden. That I needed him.

I wanted to gasp in relief as I felt the wall begin to crumble beneath my fingers. The smell of fresh air suddenly entered my nose and mouth in a quick gasp of air, my body lurching forward with the effort that I had pushed against myself.

My eyes peeled open painfully and landed on Della and Cayden, both looking at me in pure astonishment. Without moving his eyes from me, Cayden visibly grimaced and backed away slightly. "You said she couldn't wake up."

Just his voice, oh gods above, his voice. It rolled across my skin cooly, leaving shivers prickling down my spine and wrapping my waist.

Then his eyes, the blue darkening slightly as he took in my ruffled dress that had ridden all the way up my thighs and pooled around my hips on the table, along with my flushed cheeks and messy hair.

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