Summer Break

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During the summer vacation, there’s the troublesome relatives gathering.
And obviously, there’s also kids, rather, there’s often more kids than adults but then there’s my tiring enemy.

"Ari-san, I challenge you!"

The girl in front of me with her left hand on her hips and right hand pointing at me was my maternal cousin,  Marasamune Miu.

The first time I met Miu was when I was 8, I was trying to get along with her but when we were in the middle of getting along, she heard mother say, 'Otou-sama, Ari-chan is a genius you see. Playing the piano and violin at her age,' to our grandfather. And then, she challenge me in piano which resulted in her loss.

Well duh~! She's just 7 years old, a year younger than me who practice piano and violin for two years. I'll be ashamed if she ever beat me, an adult. Well, it's not like I know how to play in my past life anyway.

And now, here she is, challenging me again but will be beaten, AGAIN.

How persistent are you huh, Miu?

Smiling so sweetly, "Ara~ I wonder what interesting challenge does Miu-san have this time?"

With my response, Miu's face flushed red. Hmm? What is she thinking now?

"Don't underestimate me, Ari-san! I'll beat you someday."

"Someday you say? So it means not now?"


Hmm? Why did she look so flustered? It's the truth right?

"Oh~? Ari-san, you gain a poisonous tongue."

The one who spoke was my mother's only younger brother, Marasamune Ryuichi-oji-sama.

But, is it a compliment or an insult, Ryuichi-oji-sama?

"Ara~ is that so? Then, thank you for your compliment, Ryuichi-oji-sama." I slightly bowed, expressing my gratitude.

Nn~. Let's take it as a compliment.

"Haha Ari-san is certainly different is she?"

Now, the one who spoke was my mother's elder sister, Takeshi Rina. Rina-obaa-sama has two sons, Kyoichiro onii-sama and Hiro onii-sama.

With what she said, everyone laugh leaving me confused. I looked at Miu to gain answers but I was surprised to see her still fuming.


"So...what challenge will you give Ari this time, Miu-chan?"

Hearing our grandpa's words, Miu's red face went back to normal as a smug smile appeared.

Ara-ara~. Looks like it'll be interesting.

"Hehe,this time, I'm sure you'll lose," with smirk on her face Miu gestured to some of her maids.

Hmm? What is she holding?
Looks like it's......a chessboard?

"Oh my! Miu-chan, it's better if——"

"Miu-san, that's—"

Mother and Father was flustered seeing the board. Of course, I may not be good at other things and was still learning but chess is my favorite hobby in my past life and I was the chess club representative of my past school.

And in this life? Well, I beat father, MANY TIMES. Kukuku it'll be an unjust game, fufufu.

And then, the game starts.

"Ari-san I'll beat you someday!"

I can hear Miu's voice from the house gate's. Nn~ we're going home now and as usual, I win.

Ara~ara~. Why do I get the feeling that I'm getting arrogant as the time pass?

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