Decision: Chris Shoots Himself

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Warning: this part contains guns and violence

I carefully grab the gun from the table.
"choose wisely my friend" the voice says and dissapears.
I look at the gun.
Y/N and Ashley have both tears rolling down their face.
"you can shoot me Chris" Y/N says.
I point the gun at Y/N and she starts to cry really hard.
"it's okay, it's okay" Y/N whispers to herself.
I start to tremble and tears start to run down my face.
I hear Ashley whimper and I point the gun at her.
She starts to scream and cries harder. "please Chris.... Please don't!" Ashley says. I look into Ashley's eyes.
I shake my head. "I-I can't" I say.
I lower the gun a little but, but I remember what the voice said. I need to shoot someone.
I grab the gun again, point it at my own head and shoot myself

× to be continued ×

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