Chapter One

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-Rich Boy's Arrival-

I'll be doing people's names like this

Ex. (Last Name) (First Name) :D and I'll be referring to people their last names when you're speaking/pov/thoughts except for close friends.


I tapped my pencil against the wooden task as everyone around me used the few minutes before class to begin chatting to one another. They gossiped about a wealthy transfer that was coming in. Personally, I didn't really favor gossip but the idea of a new student sounded interesting, it seems like there's been a lot of new transfers in these few months. The last one was some sort of fortune teller girl.

“Miriki.” A girl beside me tapped my shoulder.

I lazily looked beside me and met the eyes of my close friend and co-worker, Mera Chisato. Just like myself she was a curvy girl, with maroon hair that was tied in low pigtails and wore glasses in front of her maroon eyes. Her facial expression held curiosity.

“Yeah?” I asked.

She twiddled her thumbs before looking away. “Are you busy today?”

“No, why?” I answered, twirling my pencil.

“Well, I was hoping you could cover my shift today. I have to watch my siblings after all.” She sighed. “But if you can't I understand, I'm pretty sure you have other things to worry about.”

I looked at her in sympathy remembering how stressful it was for her to juggle school life, work life, and home life all at once, especially with all of those siblings she had. I gave her a warm smile and nodded. “Of course.”

“Thank you!” Her once nervous expression turned into happiness. I waved her off, as it wasn't a problem. Nobody should have to go through this amount of stuff in their life. That's what I liked about Mera. She was a hard working girl and even if she did have a few flaws regarding her greediness for food, I couldn't call her a bad person.

The class seemed to drag on before we went to our next period. It was a simple class but since my cousin was in there that made it difficult. Nendou Riki was a physically strong person, but when it came to book smarts his brain was weak. Basically, more brawn less brains.

I did make an effort to try and help at times but bless his soul, that boy is not going to graduate. He didn't really bother me and instead gave Saiki Kusuo, a silent pink-haired boy with green shades, most of his attention. Again. Bless his soul.

The class soon started, but with a twist. The teacher came in and looked at all of us. She held her clipboard tightly. “Class, please rise and give a warm welcome to our new student, Saiko Metori.”

A red carpet rolled from the doorway until it stopped by the end of the wall. Everyone's eyes were staring at the boy that came in. His whole aura radiated with arrogance. His haughty face also showed his personality.

I kept myself from glaring at this guy. I didn't want to judge him because maybe he just wasn't used to being in a public school and also I didn't know him so I can't just assume anything.

His green eyes observed the classrooms faces. You could immediately tell that this guy was wealthy and was taken care of. For one his hair was neatly clipped and shaved at the sides as his skin was flawless without any previous acne scars and there was a real silver piercing on his ear. He was holding many bills.

"He's basically advertising how rich he is!" Someone said.

Actually he's basically flexing on us. Who does he think he is? Lil Tay.

“Hello peasants. You may bask in the glory of my presence.” He said with a cool voice and flipped his silky silver hair. "So, you-" he pointed to Takahashi, "the broke guy with wierd lips. I'm buying your seat."

Okay, now I can judge him. In English, I once read a book with the quote that states “whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages you've had.”

Well this guy sure didn't have a mindset like that.

“Hey! You can't talk to any of us like that you jerk.” Takahashi screamed. He got out if his desk to run towards the guy, who didn't flinch, but when he reached an arm's length away the new guy gave him stacks of cash. “Oh, you know what say all you want.”

Scum. I thought with a bored face. I shifted my gaze towards my desk as the class went normal and the teacher started her lesson. Unfortunately, the new guy was seated in the chair behind me. I didn't spare a glance at him though.



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