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"I'll fetch you."

"I'll be okay. No need." I reply, receiving more insisting from Chris.

I need to agree, Don't I? We'll be on the phone much longer if I don't agree. But wait- he doesn't have a car, right?

"You'll use my car?"

"If you don't want me to use your car then I-"

I chuckled, cutting him off. "It's fine. But once you get here, I will drive. You're my guest, right?"

"Fine, okay, yeah. Is the meeting over?"

"Yes. Just ended actually." I looked behind me, checking if somebody was still in the meeting room. Chris told me goodbye and I hung up.

I went down the stairs, then walked to the door. I was looking directly at the door that I didn't even notice that I bumped into someone.

"Sorry, sir." The kind man smiled back at me and raised a hand, maybe signalling that it was okay. When he walked away, I walked away too. I waited for Chris outside.

While waiting, I had some short and charming chats with some fans; and they were absolutely the best people in the world (other than my family and friends). I really want to make them more satisfied and happy, so I will work harder and leave more cliffhangers for the storyline of mcu, since I know it all. It makes me so powerful, doesn't it?

At the least, that was what I'm having thoughts about until Chris came.

"I'll drive." I tell Chris. He shrugged and sat on the shorgun seat instead, while I got inside the car and started driving. "Do you want something else before we get back home?"

Chris looked like he really wanted something, but he said no. So I asked him again. "Are you sure?"

"Um, I really wanted waffles BUT!" I glanced at him for a split second before he continued. "I can manage. I'm not even that hungry, it's absolutely fine."

"No, we're getting you waffles." I stopped, because the traffic light says so and if I beat the red light, then we'll either: a.) die, because this is an intersection, or b.) get a ticket, and lastly, c.) kill someone else because once again, this is an intersection.

"Why are you craving for waffles anyway?" I asked Chris, and he just shrugs. "I just like them."

"This is so unfair, though," Chris says. "The red light lasts longer than the green light."

"That's life, Chris." I chuckled, and he chuckled too.

When the green light was back on, I drove softly but in a faster pace. Chris then spoke, "We can have tea-"

He was cut off.

There was a car, coming from our left, which crashed on mine. My car went in circles, and I occasionally bumped my head on the ceiling of the car, since I was pretty tall for my car. When the spinning went to a halt, I immidiately checked at Chris.

"Are you okay, Chris? Can you please tell if you're hurt? Oh god," I asked, looking at Chris. He shook his head, then unbuckled his seatbelt.

"I'm the one who needs to check on you," He scanned me and unbuckled my seatbelt too. "You have a smaller body frame."

"I'm also a man, if you didn't know," I joked, and went outside. I checked the damage of my car first, before going to the other car to talk about matters.

"Sir, I-"

"Pay for our damage. It was technically your fault. You didn't look at the side." The smaller man looked at me, then pointed at his car.

His car didn't even get a big damage. Why is he getting unfair? I wanted to step up for myself but then I was at fault too. He could use it against me, just like what he did right now. But not all of it was my fault.

"Sir, you see, My car also has damage, probably bigger damage than yours. Can you also, if you can, please, um," I'm having a comma splice here because I'm really itching to say that he was at fault too and I needed his help to fix my car, then I will help him too.

"Sustain my needs as well?" I finally continued.

"No way! It was your fault and the one who did all this should pay for both parties, no matter whose car got bigger damage."

I know I can pay for both our cars, but then I wanted to practice fairness. I was about to speak again, when he threw five pieces of one euro bills to the ground.

"There, I sustained you. Pay for mine now." He stuck his hand out and even added, "Now. Don't waste my time, boy,"

I was about to get the money he threw on the ground and stick out my wallet, when Chris held my wrist and made me face the small man.

"No. It was your fault. We won't get measly five euros that you threw on the ground for this. Don't make him look pathetic." Chris snapped, his blue eyes now burning with rage. It was so beautiful but we had a situation here.

Chris, then, unexpectedly snatched the man's wallet, then took two hundred euros. Was he crazy?

I leaned over to whisper. "Chris, don't! Let's just be humble and take the blame, or at least give them some pounds."

"No, Tom. I know you hate rudeness and we're fighting back. Okay? Let's go?" I tried to express my opposing thoughts on this but he grabbed me and drove back to my house.

At home, Chris lectured me about it.

"You should've fought for what is right, okay, Tom? You know you hate those type of things. They anger you, right? But you chose to be humble and kind. There's nothing wrong with that. But it's okay to not be at times when you're on the right side, but your side is getting twisted to the wrong one. I really need you to be stronger, okay?"

I nod and smile. "Okay."

And those words were exactly what I needed to fight for myself that night.

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