the one with mrs. seo

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Once the boys both woke up, they stumbled downstairs, still trying to wipe the sleep from their eyes. Changbin's mom greeted both boys with a hug and a pinch to the cheek. Changbin and Felix sat down at the kitchen island.

She suddenly took off her dishwashing gloves and threw them down on the counter. "So," she said, as if expecting something.

"So?" Changbin and Felix asked in unison.
She rolled her eyes before reaching into her purse. Silently, she held out her closed hand, still concealing whatever it was she was offering. "Changbin, honey," she said gently, "I'm glad you and Felix love each other, but I want you to both know how to be safe and respectful and not get—"

Changbin interrupted her. "What are you talking about?" She slowly handed whatever she'd been hiding to Changbin. His eyes widened as he realized what she was giving him.

"Mom, you're misunderstanding," Changbin stammered, his ears bright red.

"What is it?" Felix asked, tilting his head.

Changbin's ears and face only got redder as he put his mother's 'gift' on the counter.

It was a ton of condoms.

Felix squeaked as his face was instantly covered with a very noticeable blush. "Mrs. Seo, we don't need—"

She glared at them both. "Keep them. I don't care what you say, it's better safe than sorry."
Changbin couldn't seem to form a coherent sentence, and Felix couldn't even speak, they were both far too embarrassed. So, as any reasonable person would've done, they took the 'gift' and sprinted upstairs to Changbin's room in the attic, where they laughed and both screamed into pillows, still unable to channel their humiliation any other way.

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