the one where he forgot

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Felix woke up in a bed that wasn't his own, but was still familiar and safe. He turned around to face Changbin, who was still sleeping peacefully. As the Australian boy admired his best friend's features, his eyes settled on Changbin's lips. He could still imagine the feeling of those lips against his own.

Memories of the night before flooded into Felix's head, and he slowly raised a hand to his face, tracing his lips as he remembered the dare.

A dare, Felix reminded himself with a sigh. That's all it was to him, and to our friends. It's just a part of their joke that Changbin and I might fall in love.

He chuckled bitterly as he laid back down, his back facing the boy who always seemed to be on his mind. Even in that moment as hot tears ran down Felix's face, all he could think about was the game of truth or dare and the drunk boy who he loved.

"Lix," a tired voice called out from behind him. He ignored the older boy. When Changbin called his name several more times with no response, he decided on a different approach: find out if Felix was awake. He scooted closer and wrapped an arm around Felix's torso, resting his hand on his chest and once more sending sparks through his whole body.

Changbin giggled. "You know how I know you're awake?" Felix ignored him again. "Your heart sped up when I hugged you, and then even more when I laughed. We both know you're up, so at least tell me 'good morning.'"

Felix sighed as he turned around. "Morning, Binnie Binnie," he said with a forced smile. Both boys sat up to face each other.

Changbin's facial expression shifted. "Your eyes are red. Did you get high last night?! I remember drinking, but not—"

Felix interrupted him. "No, I'm not high, I have allergies. Wait... how much of last night do you actually remember?"

"Not much," Changbin explained with a shrug, "Jisung did a crappy handstand, Seungmin stole Hyunjin's underwear, you were very talented during your dare, and Woojin told us he's never kissed anyone. That's about it."

"Okay, perfect," Felix whispered.

Changbin lifted his hand to cup the side of Felix's face. He leaned into the elder's touch as he grazed his thumb over Felix's bottom lip, and the younger boy's breath hitched in his throat. Changbin looked concerned.

"Your lip was bleeding recently. Did someone hit you? I swear I'll kill them." Changbin's voice held no humour, only genuine worry and a desire to protect the precious boy in front of him.

Felix shook his head. "I accidentally bit my lip while chewing gum." Why am I lying to him? Felix silently asked himself, but found no answer.

He thought back to the night before, when Changbin pushed him over and bit his lip as they both hit the floor. Of course it hurt, but Felix strangely enjoyed it. Only because it was his best friend. It's because of his best friend and there were no other reasons, Felix told himself.

Suddenly, Felix felt a pang of guilt. Changbin was so drunk that he doesn't remember kissing me. I hope that doesn't mean I was using him, or that I hurt him, or that he thinks I'm a bad friend. Felix's thoughts began to spiral until Changbin laid down, pulling Felix with him and letting the young Australian boy rest his head on his chest.

"You look tired and worried. Let's sleep a little more," Changbin muttered as he dragged his hands through Felix's hair. Eventually both boys fell asleep, and they remained how they were: Felix with his head on his best friend's chest and both arms wrapped around him, and Changbin with one arm securely holding onto Felix and the other still tangled in his hair. When Changbin's younger brother entered the room, he took several photos, moving slowly so he wouldn't wake the boys up. They look peaceful, like a boring married couple, he thought as he took more pictures. He crept out of the room while trying not to laugh, leaving the boys asleep.

Though he still worried, Felix slept restfully listening to Changbin's steady heartbeat.

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