the one with drunk changbin

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"Changbin, I dare you to kiss Felix."
Felix choked on air and started coughing violently. Chan patted him on the back and offered him a glass of water, which he gratefully accepted.

By now, Changbin was practically wasted. "How many beers did you drink?" Hyunjin asked warily.

"I dunno," Changbin giggled, "Probably six... maybe ten?" He kept giggling and Felix was sure he was going to have a heart attack if Changbin didn't stop being so sickeningly cute.

Hyunjin sighed. "Then we're gonna stop drinking now, okay?" Changbin didn't even look at him. His eyes were fixated on Felix.

He licked his lips and grinned before he quietly said, "Why would I want my mouth on a beer when I could put it on Felix instead?" He crawled across the circle to get to Felix and smiled. Felix's face was already dusted with red from embarrassment.

"Hi, Binnie," Felix whispered.

"Hey, Lix," Changbin responded, "I'm going to kiss you now if that's okay."

He didn't wait for a response. He simply draped his arms over Felix's shoulders and moved forward until he was straddling the younger's hips. Felix was sure Changbin could feel his heartbeat racing and how fast he was breathing. Changbin leaned his forehead against Felix's. "Hey," Changbin mumbled, so softly only Felix was able to hear him. "Don't worry. Relax. It's just me, Lix. You know me." Felix couldn't possibly relax. He couldn't even think anything coherent except for thoughts of Changbin and how close they were. His face only turned brighter shades of red as time continued. Neither of them made a move, just sitting nervously, unsure of what to do.

"Just follow through with the dare already!" Seungmin shouted, already tipsy.

Changbin leaned forward, tilting his head slightly as he continued to move closer. Felix was losing his mind feeling the older boy's hot breath fanning against his neck. "Jesus Christ," Felix growled, "Just kiss me already!"

Changbin happily complied with his best friend's request. He closed the gap between them, and the boys felt sparks running through their veins as their hearts both jumped with happiness.

When Jisung had said the dare, he'd expected Changbin to kiss Felix's cheek and then complain about it for the rest of the night. What he didn't expect was Changbin getting the younger boy flustered just so he could have a little more fun with the dare. He moved his hands from Felix's shoulders to his chest as he pushed him to the ground, never once breaking contact. Their lips moved perfectly in sync with each other, and the pair would've been perfectly content to stay that way, but they did need to breathe. When they both pulled apart, the older boy leaned down and rested his forehead against his best friend's. They just laid there breathing heavily, blissfully unaware of their friends' shock (and of Jisung's camera).

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