the one with the party

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It was just another saturday night party with a close-knit group of friends. They'd done this every weekend for the past five years.

Tonight it was at Jisung's house, which meant he was the one who got to decide what the group would do. As they all gathered in the living room, it was clear that everyone was comfortable together, though there were certain people who were especially close.

On the large armchair in the corner, Seungmin and Hyunjin tried to fit onto one chair so they could both watch something on Hyunjin's phone. On the couch, Chan sat with his arm around Woojin's shoulders and Jeongin on Chan's other side, texting some girl he met at school. Minho was in the kitchen with Jisung, gathering drinks for their friends. Changbin and Felix sat on the floor, Changbin leaning against the wall with Felix's head in his lap as he played with his dyed-brown hair. The pair looked cozy and domestic, like they'd been together for a long time.

For years, everyone had been joking that 'With as long as Changbin and Felix have been friends, they're gonna get married one day.' It had become a consistent theme in the group's jokes, and every time they laughed at the possibility of the two being together, Felix's heart wrenched.

Minho and Jisung walked in and tossed beer cans one by one to everyone except Jeongin. He was 'too young for that sort of thing', as Chan and Woojin would've said.

"So," Chan began, "What's going on tonight?"
Jisung laughed. "Everyone down your first can quick and then we'll start." He paused as nearly everyone chugged their cheap beer and threw each empty can at Jisung, who hid behind Minho for protection. Minho handed another can to almost everyone in the room.

"Ok, kids," Jisung announced, clasping his
hands together. "Come sit in a circle because tonight, we're playing... Truth or Dare! And we had to make a new rule because of our last game: if you take too long to come up with a question, the group will decide." He sent a pointed glare at Minho before placing an empty bottle in the center of the circle and then spun for who he'd ask. It landed on Jeongin.

Everyone cheered— well, everyone except Felix, who was internally panicking. He'd always hated these games. He knew that if he played, he was bound to be humiliated or exposed for something he didn't want people to know. And tonight he was terrified of a secret being let out that only two people in the room knew: Felix liked boys. Changbin and Hyunjin had been aware of that since Felix was fourteen, though Felix had known since he was seven. That's when he told his parents that he was going to marry his best friend Changbin. He got a sharp slap across the face and was immediately sent to bed. Felix stopped mentioning that sort of thing after that incident, instead opting for avoiding the subject entirely.

He never stopped thinking about how much he wanted to be with Changbin. Not even now at age seventeen. In fact, he felt even more toward Changbin now than he did as a child. Changbin was Felix's best friend. He knew almost everything about Felix. He had no clue that Felix had been in love with him for ten years. Felix quietly shook his head and tried to prepare himself for the game.

If I only choose dare, they won't ask me about it, and no one needs to find out, Felix silently reassured himself as he drank another beer and stared at the wall.

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