Chapter 21

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Hard eyes raked over my appearance the moment I stood in the doorway of their clubhouse. I tried not to show fear and shrink back behind Miles as I felt their judgemental stares, but I knew I looked visibly stiff. Again the thought came to me, one of these things is not like the other

Instead of looking at the people I tried to get a good sense of what the clubhouse looked like. It was a large open area where a few pool tables sat and along both of the walls sat booths. There were a few flat screen TV's that appeared above the booths all showcasing different programs. A long bar was up against the back wall which gave a contrasting appearance as the counter top was displayed in a light pine wood compared to the dark black painted base. Dark couches and chairs were scattered here and there in an unorganized fashion, but what was most apparent was the amount of posters, drawings, and other memorabilia that was displayed across the whole warehouse. 

There seemed to be a hallway that led behind the bar which I assumed led to rooms where some of the bikers would stay along with anything else that this club did not want to have seen to anyone outside of the club. 

I could only dwell on the building itself for so long before I really started to feel the uneasy feeling of eyes on me. Miles had yet to say anything, but I had hoped he would draw more attention to him instead of me. 

Soon enough I quickly glanced over to Miles to see him watching me, as if he was waiting for me to say something or signal for him to proceed. I gave him a gentle smile and that seemed to be all the encouragement he needed before he faced forward and the hard persona attached itself to him once again. 

"Men!" Miles' voice boomed through the warehouse and I knew that I had visibly jumped based off of some of the expressions of the men that were closest to me. There mouths had turned up slightly into a snicker and I resisted the temptation to glare at them. 

"I know that there have been a few rumors going around about me and I'd like to make that clear today." 

My eyebrow raised in surprise. I thought that by coming to the bar that there would be a lot of questions raised, but I figured that he would have addressed them long ago. Looks like he was waiting for me to be here before he put his past out on display in front of those he deemed most loyal. The thought of him wanting to wait until I was ready and here made my heart warm. He would have been a wonderful dad, the thought rang through my mind and I shook my head gently to focus once again on him. 

Miles turned gently to me and I saw his eyes soften a fraction before turning back to the league of men in front of him. "Many of you know that I have a past and Mia here is part of that past. Her mother left me long ago and told me that she had lost our child while pregnant. Fortunately for me, she lied and Mia found me not too long ago." He gestured slightly to me, "She's my daughter. You will treat her with the same respect you give me."

I couldn't get over how down to business he was in this moment since I had only seen him this stone cold once before. Even the one time I met at the bar he wasn't this uptight and I wanted to let out a laugh at all the different sides Miles was showing me at this moment. I could definitely see how many would be terrified of him, he was still well built, his posture and exterior showed that he had gone through some serious shit and he wasn't afraid to take drastic measures to get his point across. I felt a large amount of gratitude that he was able to turn off this cold and hard persona so he could really get to know me, if he was like this all the time I think I would have ghosted my own dad. 

From the looks of the men in front of us they were used to this hard shell that Miles put off and saw stiff nods as an agreement to his demand. Miles took a few steps forward and with that the silence broke and chatter scattered across the large room. I quickly picked up my feet to trail behind him as he walked toward the bar and that's when I noticed a door that was off to the side. He only glanced back at me once with a slight smile on his face and I returned it. Sure enough we walked through the door and I was surprised to see a large grassy backyard that seemed to house all the bells and whistles for a regular hangout. There were tables set up and spread about, a large grill was set up closer to the building and a cooler sat next to it filled with an assortment of drinks, a kids playground was off in the back corner and I was pleasantly surprised to see a few kids along with, what I assumed to be, their mothers surrounding it. 

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