Day 5

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Ten Reasons Not To Die

Day 5- The Boardwalk

               Evan didn’t come by the next afternoon, like I had expected him to. He usually came by an hour or two after school, but today he didn’t. Instead, he came by during the night time, around ten, to be exact. The nuns have already seen enough of Evan to know who he was. When one of the younger nuns called me downstairs, I found Evan sitting on one of the couches while a bunch of the smaller girls surrounded him.

                “Are you Remy’s prince charming?” a toothless seven year old asked Evan, as he chuckled.

                “I sure am.” I heard Evan say, which made my ears perk up.

                The toothless girl gasped, before bursting into a misfit of giggles. “But boys are icky! They have cooties!”

                Evan chuckled, ruffling the little girl’s messy blonde head of hair. “Not when you’re a prince.”

                I had enough of what I heard, as I popped out from behind the wall. I approached Evan, dragging him away from the little crowd of girls. “Let’s go, Evan.” I muttered.

                “Are you going to bring Remy to your magical kingdom now?” another squeaky voice asked, making my cheeks warm up.

                “How did you guys guess?” Evan joked.

                “Shouldn’t you girls be in bed?” Mother Grace appeared from the doorway, crossing her arms. Immediately, all of the girls hurried out of the living room, turning off the television on the way. Mother Grace gave me a wink before she stepped out to follow the girls upstairs. She probably wanted to make sure they brushed their teeth and were tucked in bed.

                I pulled Evan out to the front lobby of the orphanage, crossing my arms as I stared at him accusingly. “The girls will bug me forever about you, now.” I sighed. “What are you even doing here this late?”

                Evan smiled lightly. “I want to take you somewhere.”

                I frowned, as my suspicions rose. “You aren’t actually taking me to a magical kingdom, are you?”

                Evan laughed, shaking his head as he led me outside of the orphanage. He unlocked his car, and opened the passenger door for me. “No.” he paused, to get into the driver’s seat. “Just wait and see.”

                I crossed my arms, staring outside the window as Evan began to drive. Moments later, I noticed that we were in the parking lot of the boardwalk just a few minutes out of our town. The lights were all lit up today, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the Ferris wheel.

                “You took me to the boardwalk?” I frowned.

                Evan smiled, nodding. “I used to go all time as a kid. But I stopped a while ago.”

                “Why?” I asked, staring up at Evan.

                Evan wasn’t staring at me, though. Instead, his green eyes were dazed and distant, as he stared at all of the flashing lights. I couldn’t help but noticed how much brighter his green eyes looked under all of the lights. It was the type of emerald green that almost looked unreal.

                “Evan?” I gave him a light push. “Are you okay?”

                Evan snapped out of his thoughts, as his eyes dropped down to me. It looked as if he just remembered that I was right next to him. “I’m fine.” He licked his lips, putting a forced smile across his face. I frowned, as Evan pulled me towards the rollercoaster that didn’t look too friendly. “You aren’t scared of rollercoaster’s, are you?”

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