Keira: Chapter 16

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I knelt down beside her headstone and my fingers traced the writing which read 'HERE LIES RHIANNE SMITH', a tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. I took out the dead flowers and carefully placed my new ones into the holder, big white roses. I picked up any random leaves and moved them away from her grave. I missed her. I missed her so much, I couldn't explain it. I couldn't stop thinking about the last time I saw her, it seemed like only the other day and now she was gone for good? I slowly walked out of the cemetery and got on the bus, I sat down at the back and put my headphones in. I was finally going back to school today but I couldn't sleep so I got up early and came straight to the cemetery. I got off the bus and walked back home, I unlocked the front door and my auntie came downstairs in her dressing gown.

'Thank goodness! I was about to send out a search party for you! I came to wake you up and you weren't in your bed!' I took my shoes and coat off and hung it back up.

'Sorry, I went to visit Rhianne.' I said and she suddenly tensed up and quickly walked past me.

'Why haven't you been to see her?' I asked, remembering it still had the same old flowers from when she was buried.

'Well?' I asked again and she simply turned the kettle on, completely ignoring me.

'You'd better go use the shower, I'll make you a hot chocolate.'

'ANSWER ME!' I shouted at her, and she slammed the mug down onto the counter. She turned to face me with tears in her eyes.

'I can't bring myself to visit her, laying there, rotting under the ground!' She said and a tear rolled down her cheek, I slowly shook my head at her.

'You have some front. You're a hypocrite, my mother hasn't been to visit Rhianne infact NO-ONE has! ALL of her flowers are still there, dried up. I had to clean it all up, I thought you'd at least TRY whilst I was in hospital!'

'And what were you doing before you were admitted to hospital ? Well Keira, oh yeah you were overdosing on prescription drugs! TOO BUSY to care about your dying sister! SHE'S GONE NOW!' My eyes started to prickle with tears and I swallowed hard.

'It's not my fault-'

'What isn't your fault Keira? You think EVERYONE has to feel sorry for you! You're not the only person who's having a difficult time right now.'

'I never said-'

'That was what you meant, you lost your sister. Okay, I still lost my blood too! You're SO selfish, think about someone else for a change.' She said and walked out of the kitchen, I looked towards the floor and wiped my eyes. Maybe she was right. I was thinking about myself a lot, Rhianne didn't cross my mind when I was hooked on drugs. I didn't have an explanation for the way I behaved, I just couldn't help it. I went upstairs, showered and brushed my teeth. I went back into my room and got creamed and dressed into my uniform. I looked at my phone and picked it up.


'Keira, I'm coming to walk you to school seeing as it's your first day back.' Ricardo said happily, I simply grunted and started putting my lipgloss on.

'Er, alright. You sound excited?'

'Why should I be?'

'It's your first day back.'

'Everyone knows where I've been, why should I be excited to see their faces? Half of them were horrible to me when I was there.'

'Fresh start Keira.'

'No, screw fresh starts. People never change.' I said. I knew that for a fact.

'Alright then, I'll be there a in a little bit.' He said and I hung up. I went to take my tablet and I left my hair out. I wasn't feeling too hungry, my small argument with my auntie made me not feel hungry. I was upset we'd argued, especially over Rhianne. I remembered I had treatment at 5, I didn't want to go on my own so I'd ask Ricardo or something. The door went and I went downstairs, my auntie was just about to answer it went she saw me.

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