sweet but psycho part.1

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Jeongyeon POV

I was walking home when I fell like someone is following me I always fell like this I walk faster but the man who was following me walk fast to I start to run but he also run I managed to get home and lock the door before he could come but the man was just in front of my door but suddenly he walk away and I sigh in relief then I got a text from Taehyung his been courting me since 10 months ago I was planing to accept him since he was nice he was also handsome and cute so why not?

Taehyung oppa💕

TH:did you got home safe?

Yes I did:JY

TH:ok now go to sleep you have a work tomorrow morning ok?Good night sweet dreams about me😂 💕😘

Ok I'll sleep now you too oppa sweet dreams 💕:JY

I then close my phone and smile on how sweet he is but then my phone buzz I look at it but its from an unknown number "huh?strange" I said to my self


UK:enjoyed texting you're taehyung oppa?

Who are you and where did you get my number:JY

UK:you don't have to know sweety

Who really are you?:JY

UK:I'm Jimin baby girl remember my name any way  just enjoy you're last day texting you're oppa😏

I didn't reply on him he was weird I just struggle it off and drift to sleep

~~~~~~~~morning ~~~~~~~~

I wake up and get ready to go in work I check my phone it weird that I didn't get any text from Taehyung I usually get a text from him every morning saying Good Morning I will just ganna find out later I will see him anyway at work i was walking going to work when I see many people in the bakery and their is also a police run their but the police stop me I see Taehyung in the floor full of blood all over his body I was shock and sad I can't help just to cry then are manager come and she give me a comforting hug after I recover from crying she told me to go home and have rest I was walking then my phone suddenly someone call me I look at it and it was the number yesterday Jimin...


JM:like my surprise baby,now that Taehyung was gone you're all mine now

JY:you...you ki-kill Tea-Teahyung
JM:yes baby,just for you

Y:I didn't ask you to do it!
JM:he was getting you away from me baby girl I'm just protecting my  property and you are mine!
JY: I'm not you're property!
JM: you like it or not you are!
He said and hung up the call

I just stare at my phone that guy was psycho

I was walking and I bump into a girl she look like a slut

G:look at where are you walking!
JY:I'm sorry
G:well sorry not sorry" she said and slap me before I could say anything I hear a shot of a gun and I see the girl who slap me in the floor with blood on her face the bullet was on her head then someone text me


JM:who dare she think she is to slap you,no one can hurt you baby

As I read it I got scared cuz he was following me all the time and he was just killing anyone who do something bad at me I walk backwards and look at my surrounding and I just had another text from him

JM: don't fell scared baby I won't hurt you

He said and I fell more scared I run to go home faster but I bump into I guy he has a blonde hair he was kind of ...cute

Guy:ohh sorry "his voice is seems familiar
JY:no,no,no it was ok
Guy:I'll treat you as a sorry
JY:Ahhh no need to
Guy:no it ok let's go
He said as he drug me into a café and order us a drink
Guy:here " he said handing me a coffee
JY:thanks,I had to go home
Guy:let me come with you
JY:ahh no it ok
Guy:no let me walk with you I'm going that way anyway
JY:ohh well ok

We are just walking in silent so I decide to ask his name since I didn't ask it earlier

JY:so what was you're name?
Guy:I'm Jimin,Park Jimin

He said as I stop walking and look at him and start to get scared I walk backwards
JM: ohh what happened to you baby girl get scared on me?"

As he said that I know who he is he was the psycho guy!and I start to run and he chase me until I was on a dead end

JM: why did you run baby now you don't have to run you will still end up with me now it time to sleep "he said and put a towel on my mouth and I black out

I walk up was in a room it was a huge one

Where the fuck I am?!

JM:ohh you're wake now,here eat first " he said with a sweet tone its look like he isn't the guy who kidnap me and kill two people in one day
JM: sorry about earlier I been bad"he said rubbing the back of his neck i didn't say anything
JM:here eat so you'll have energy "he said as he give me the food and smile sweetly

To be continued......

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