Tempest in a Teacup

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was in the lobby with Emma and Tony talking about Emma smiled a bit

"I can't believe you're finally going out on your first date with Jessie are you nervous?" Emma asked as Tony looked at her

"Naw this is our fourth first date First i got pepper sprayed then she got glued to Chesterfiled then we both got dumped in mud" Tony said as i nodded a bit he than made a scared face i smiled as i jumped down from the counter with Emma's help

"Don't worry Tony. You know what they say fourth time's the..." I said not knowing what to say I looked at Emma for help she smiled a bit

"Time no one goes to the hospital?" Emma asked as i nodded

"Remeber girls love a gentleman so offer her your jacket if she gets cold" Emma said as Tony looked at her

"But what if i get cold?" Tony asked confused as i rolled my eyes a bit

"Do you want to be comfortable or in a relationship? Because you can't have both" i said as the eleavtor opened and Zuri ran out happily to me and Emma Jessie smiled

"Hey Tony happy fourth first date!" Jessie said with a smile holding a bag

"Aw really? I'm sorry i didn't get you anything" Tony said as Jessie smiled a bit

"Oh don't worry it's just a little something i made ta da!" Jessie said as she pulled out a scarf?

"Wow Jessie! No girl's ever skinned a coyote for me " Tony said as Zuri looked at me i looked at Emma Jessie laughed a bit

"It's a scarf silly! Coyote season is not until April here there it looks great" Jessie said putting the scarf around Tony

"Oh wool right?" Tony asked as Jessie nodded

"Yeah why?" Jessie asked confused

"Oh. Nothing i'm just a teeny weenie bit allergic to wool" Tony said as he gasped a pass out me Emma Zuri and Jessie gasped a bit

Them song:
Oh,oh,oh,oh Oh,oh oh oh
Hey Jessie hey Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey Jessie, hey Jessie
But they keep on pulling me every which way
Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie
My whole world is changing turning around
They got me going crazy the ground're shaking
But they took a chance on the new girl in town
And i don't want to let them down down down
Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey hey hey Jessie
Malia's P.O.V

We walked back to the lobby after Tony pass out from the wool

"Tony i'm so glad the doctor said you're okay" Jessie said as Tony smiled a bit

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