6. Searching for a Feeling

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I've been searching for a feeling; Haven't found it yet; Hope I don't regret it - Thirdstory

8:35 a.m. Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"Thanks for your help, Chele," her mother comments, placing the last of today's breads in the ovens. "I'll get these delivered to Luigi's." She pats the pans of breadsticks which are undercooked by a few minutes so that Pablo can heat them in his ovens, making them taste freshly-baked. "Your father and I have decided to move back home. Florida didn't meet our expectations. And if we move home, I can help Patrick as he takes over the bakery. Plus with the new baby on the way....What are your plans today?"

Michele has to grip the countertop to catch her breath at the news coming her way. Her parents are moving back? How will she ever get out of this town?

"I'm going to workout, and then I guess I'll head over to the library and resume my old job. I'm sure the town hasn't replaced me. Worse, I'm confident Christopher hasn't shelved any books while I've been here at the bakery. There will be plenty for me to do." It hurts her to admit that she can slide so easily into the life she was hoping to leave behind. At least it will pay the bills. As the town's librarian and historian, Michele is expected to keep up with all of Nowhere's events.

"Have fun then, dear!" Her mother calls as Michele leaves through the front door to run across the street and change into her jogging gear.


8:46 a.m. Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"Are you always late?" Harry yells across the park as he spies Michele approaching.

Shaking her head, she glances at her watch. "One minute, Styles. I'm only late one minute. And that was my mom's fault."

"Mhm," Harry murmurs, beginning some walking lunges to warm up his quads and hip flexors. Michele joins in alongside him, and he hopes she knows he's just taking the piss.

"What bread did Patrick make today?" he asks, mindful that yesterday he'd tasted some brilliant new creations by the young man.

"Orange corn muffins! But he added blood orange juice instead of regular, and they are amazing. I've never thought of making corn muffins for breakfast, but these totally hit the spot."

"You seem really proud of him," Harry comments.

She moves into a kneeling hip flexor stretch then, raising her hands over her head and allowing Harry to get ahead of her. Stopping, he copies her movements, curious about this stretch. It feels comfortable along the front of his thigh -- the leg in back. Plus his arms get in on the movement. He wonders if she's better at jogging than he is too. Isn't there anything he can best her at? She seems to be amazing at everything.

"I wish he had said something sooner," she scowls, "but now that he's spoken up, I'm thrilled. My whole life I dreaded having to take over the bakery. I do okay as a baker, and I know the town likes what I've done while my mom has been gone. But it's not my passion."

Harry glances over at her, "What is your passion? Singing?"

With a giggle, Michele moves into some hip circles. "Singing is something I do in the shower and on road trips over to Springfield. My passion," she pauses, walking to the parking lot by Double Take, "is travel writing. I want to travel the world and write about what I see. What I learn about new cultures."

Now that she's at the parking lot, she uses the curb to begin some calf stretches. Harry calmly follows along, grateful that she's warming up so completely before they run.

"It's why I worked with Spencer to create the theme weeks. When I read about a culture, the first thing I learn is their food -- and their breads. The breads that a culture creates are such a deep part of their history. So Spencer supported my dream --- my passion -- by creating the cuisine of those cultures."

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