Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Do you even know her?" The voice was distant yet, close. I can hear the British accent as it rolled of the stranger’s lips. I struggled to open my eyes after peeling it open white light shone in front of my pupils. I shut them and blinked rapidly growing accustomed to the bright lighting in the white room.

Silence seemed to stretch endlessly before the spoken to stranger muttered, “No, but… You should have seen what that man was doing to her." The voice was familiar… It was as if I heard it before.

I couldn’t stand being silent anymore not know where the hell I was. “Where am I?” I mumbled directly at the boy who saved me as my slow mind solved the puzzle pieces together.

“You’re at the hospital, love." He murmured, a sad smile fitted on his pouty lips.

“Who are you?" I asked rubbing my head softly and delicately as I spotted some IV’s hooked up to machined dug into my arm.

“Well, I’m Zayn; the boy over there is Louis, and last but, not least, Harry.” Zayn pointed out the boys’ directions as I gathered my thoughts and figured out the one with the wind swept chestnut hair and icy blue eyes was Louis—the boy who saved me as well. The other boy had messy curls and green orbs. I instantly detected by his stern face, that he was either forced against his will to be here or he just hated me.

“Thanks for saving me, I really appreciate it.” I smiled and then glanced at my body, “I would hug you guys but, as you can see I’m not in the condition.”

“What’s your name?" Zayn asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Brooke Wilson" I said looking at him nervously biting my lip. After saying my name that made him smile immediately.

“That’s a beautiful name." He said still smiling.

“And that’s a beautiful accent of yours." I joked.

"Why thank you!" Zayn laughed.

"We should go, Harry here; woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Louis said nudging Harry on the arm.

Harry rolled his eyes, stood up, and left the room. I looked at the closed door wondering what the hell he woke up on because I know for a fact it wasn’t a bed nor was he woken up in a bad way. I shrugged my shoulders carelessly before wincing in pain at the movement.

“I’m sorry, Brooke." Louis said, while running after harry.

“I have to go... I left my number in your phone. Please call me, tomorrow" Zayn said slowly walking away.

“Ok bye, Zayn!" I yelled, semi-waving with a small blush in my cheeks.

Out of all of those outrageously hot boys, he was the hottest out of them all. He just made me feel safe once; I looked into those calming brown eyes of his.

I still can’t believe he gave me his number. I squealed mentally, it’s so sweet how he worried about me and told me to call. The doctor came in and gave me pain killers checking my health and the machines I was hooked up on.

“Brooke Wilson?" said the doctor walking into the room.

“Yes?" I said looking at him with fear in my eyes.

“You have major cuts and bruises in your legs and stomach. You also, have some bruised ribs that would be a little hard to handle at times. But, nothing pain killers can’t fix. But, I have to ask: Who did this to you?" said the doctor already knowing it was a person who caused these injuries.

“Um… I fell?" I mentally cringed by my own stupidity, it sounded like a question than a believable lie.

“Nice try, now telling me exactly who did this to you, Brooke." He said sitting on the foot of my bed making an uncomfortable pain in my lower legs.

“Sorry." He said getting up. I smiled at him to show him not to worry as I mentally pictured myself holding onto my leg and dramatically clutching it in pain.

"Ok, it was my Father. He’s been beating me for a year already, I tried running away and he saw me." I said with a single tear rolling down my cheek.

"Okay, Brooke, Well if you want we can put him in jail; since you just turned 18. You can live by yourself." He said putting down his clipboard and looking into my eyes for the first time.

"Thanks." I wiped my tear and gave the Doctor a weak smile.

“I’m sorry, sweetie." He sympathized holding my hand. I nodded and smiled my appreciation at his concern for me. But, it was probably because I was just his patient and needed care for.

After, my talk with the Doctor; a woman brought me a small turkey sandwich. Every single bite I took made pain shoot through my bruised stomach. As soon as I finished my "dinner" I went to sleep. It was a sleep full of peace. This was the only night in the past year that I could sleep without worrying and I loved it.

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