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The stadium became empty, almost everyone left. Violet continues to wait patiently for Clementine to return to her.
"Violet, can we talk?" Minvera approaches the blonde from behind.
"Minni- Minvera, you're still here?" Violet tried to remain neutral when speaking to her.
"Can I ask you something? Are you and Clementine...dating?" Minnie asks hesitantly.
"What's it to you? I thought you didn't want anything to do with me," Violet frowns and furrows her brow.
"Look, I really missed you Vi. I really wanna give this a chance" Minvera lightly wraps her hand around Violet's.
Violet makes a sour expression "where is this coming from? All of the sudden you change your mind about,,,us?"
"Vi, please-"
"Don't call me that." Violet pulls away from Minvera, "please, just go."

Clementine had finally changed back into school uniform and felt bad for making Violet wait so long. As she begins to head back to where her and Violet last spoke, she noticed her holding hands with Minvera. Clementine felt her blood boil, but felt so weak, Clementine knew how it felt to be this upset. Instead of doing something about it she just clenches her fists and heads back to her dorm.
Violet walks through the door of their dorm room, "Hey Clem, where were you, I couldn't find you?"
Clementine shifts uncomfortably "Sorry, I got distracted,"
"Best not make it a habit" Violet jokes.
"I'm just gonna go out to get some air" Clementine sits up from her bed and leaves the room.
Violet frowns "Okay then..."

Clementine heads back out to the fields to practice more to take her head off things.
"Clementine!" A familiar child-like voice calls out to her. Aj runs up to her, "Hey, champ," Clementine smiles ruffling his hair.
"What are you doing out here? It's almost night," Aj raises a brow.
"The real question is why you're here, younger kids get it worst than us,"
"Well, I heard shouting and arguing from my dorm window, so I went to check it out,"

Clementine folds her arms, "Yeah I did hear something as well." She decides to investigate the sound as well, so she follows the noise which leads her to the sports shed. Clem presses her ear against the door of the shed, she manages to hear "—seriously? You betrayed our team! I have to tell the others!"
Another voice responds angrily "No fucking way. This is between you and me, don't tell anyone."
Clementine quickly opens the door, Aj behind her and decides to confront the two.
"What-" Clementine begins but soon realised it was Brody and Marlon arguing.
"Clementine! What are you doing here at this time?"
Marlon blurts out.
"You two don't know how to whisper?" Clementine responds folding her arms.
"My bad, we'll just go then...right Brody?"
Brody looks as she were deciding on what to do next.
"What were you two arguing about?"
"Nothing important," Marlon pushes past Clem and Aj, clearly still angry.
"Jesus, Marlon" Brody huffs soon following him as he stormed off.
"What do you think they were talking about?" Aj looks up at Clementine.
"I have a suspicion that he has something to do with my missing bat," Clementine says in a low voice.
"Better head back to your dorm, Aj" she turns to the boy.
"But I wanna stay out here with you," Aj frowns.
"You could do that...but you might get sent to the-" Aj soon interrupts Clementine.
"Y-Yeah, I should probably go," He says before running off. Clementine chuckles to herself before deciding she'd rather not have that fate either, so she heads back to her room. Clementine was dreading seeing Violet again. She admittedly felt jealous, maybe Minvera and her still have something between them? It wouldn't make sense though, Minnie had told Violet she didn't want anything to do with her. Maybe it was a trick to deceive Clementine? She shakes her head and walks back to her dorm room.

Violet had spent the rest of her day studying for an up coming maths test, she usually wouldn't bother and would read or hang out with Clementine instead but today was different. She attempting to concentrate on her text book but her mind was elsewherei. Did she do something wrong? Violet groans loudly and falls onto her bed. She notices a familiar being through her window, it was Clementine, it looks like she was heading back into the building. Violet slightly perks up, she desperately wanted answers from her. Clementine walks into the room and dumps her sports bag by the door.
"Hey Clem, I was wondering if I could talk to you," Violet says jogging up to Clementine as if she were a puppy who hadn't seen their owner for the day.
"Well then, go ahead and say it," Clementine responds without making eye contact with her girlfriend "no need to ask" she mutters to herself.
Violet felt her mood worsen, "did I do something wrong, you've been acting distant."
"I thought you'd like it that way, maybe you could spend more time with Minvera," Clementine hisses.
"What? What does Minnie have to do with this?"
"Doesn't matter, I'm going to get food,,,for myself" Clementine says before leaving the room, clearly upset.
Violet felt guilty, she wasn't sure why but she knew something was definitely up. Violet debates wether she should chase after Clementine or not, maybe she wants time alone? What if she wants to be comforted? The blonde clenches her fists, and decides to resist the urge to follow Clem.

Clementine walks the halls of the building aimlessly, she usually does this too cool off. Darkness slowly fell upon the blue sky and most students went back to their dorms. She notices multiple friends of hers but politely brushes them off as they try to start conversation, she's not in the mood to talk. Clem notices Marlon exit the male toilet and in a fit of rage he kicks the nearby bin into the floor, while cussing and muttering. After he gets a lecture from the janitor he storms off. Clementine raises an eyebrow in curiosity, she soon shakes it off and continues to wander the place. Around 8 pm she makes it back to her room, she notices that Violet went to sleep early for once. Clementine slowly approaches Violet's sleeping body and caresses her cheek as she rests. She soon jerks her hand back, restraining herself. The brunette sighs and decides to work on some assignments, trying to distract herself from her own thoughts.

I tried to make this chapter a little longer because a lot of you asked for it. I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter, some of it was a bit cliche but I wanted to shake up the story a bit.
- Author

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