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Time shall not be contained, death will never be controlled, and life cannot be conjured.

Those were the simple rules given to a civilisation that depended on magic for everything. For centuries, due to these words which echoed all across the land, peace was eternal.

However, destiny predicted that the desolating corruption in their heart would swindle humanity. The world will be drowned in darkness, terrible creatures shall take over, and this peace will be no more.

One man became drawn to the idea of immortality, magic that is forbidden to be used by the likes of humans. But each day that went by, he became lost in a delirious wonder, lulled by a dreamy musing of a world led by order. With no second thought, he sold his mortality and watched it be swept into oblivion, along with the fate of the land that beckoned before him.

The flow of time, the essence of life and the thread of death were now the embodiment of this foolish immortal man. He was now gifted with the power to summon mortifying creatures of utter darkness known only as shadows.

Hope was far and dim while the dying days laid beautifully in the tender glow of torment. The inky sounds that surged across the blackened land were those of despondent death and shadows screeching in the wind.

The civilisation was forced to suffer in their sins, stung by the realisation that death was the sweetest release to a better destiny. Bend by the knees of pity; there was no real conclusion to a mad man's vision. His reign of terror and the terrible black magic he harboured was far too superior. No mortal could look him in the eyes without becoming insane. The sun never shone down on the skin of humans, and the moon stopped dancing an illumination across the land.

The world collapsed in a hysterical depression. It seemed like the final song for all existence was on the horizon.

However, as faith took its last stand, five fragmented shards of light flickered in the blackened future of humanity.

Five humans, with what little magic they had left, declared their solidarity to this forgotten land and took arms one last time.

The battle was lost, but the war was far from over.

A Paladin, one with a smouldering flame in the depths of his heart, rose from the ashes of defeat and looked darkness in the eyes. With his lancet in his grip, bravery beckoned upon his soul, vivid like a star in the night sky.

Icy like the cold breeze that revolved around her, a Dragoon was moved by the chilling cries of the children who were lost to wickedness. Armed with two daggers, she saw this as an opportunity to endeavour past her potential, for those who felt like hope was futile.

Nobel and strong-witted, an Alchemist, proclaimed their intelligence when they thought it was no longer needed. In the eyes of damnation, he searched for achievement.

When all life was lost to obscurity, a White Enhancer with tears down her face, reached out to those who were genuinely lost to their corrupted mind. Looking at the beings with shrouded judgement, she lent her kindness to those who were genuinely miserable, pushing her doubts to the side.

And finally, a Summoner who looked down the barrel of a wine drum for hope was reminded by his loyal companion that there was more to life than temporary comfort. With their charm and charismatic grin, they roared throughout the land that evil shall not prevail.

These five mortals drew the attention of the gods, the ones who decided that humanity was worthy of a second chance.

Their response came in the form of a teardrop, descending from the heavens above while a melody chimed throughout the oceans, creating torrential waves to clash.

Emerging from the tear, was a sage who bought forth the will of the sun. He left a firestorm in his wake, sending the shadows that loomed about straight to hell.

And rising from the briny depths of the ocean was a mage who wielded within her the energy to manifest the magical essence of the moon. With one blast, she could obliterate pools of darkness with ease.

The humans called them gods, referring to them as the sage of tranquillity and the mage of peace. These embodiments of gods, stood alongside the five humans, guiding them to the light they smothered so long ago.

However, this battle was anything but inferior and would take more than two gods to halt the reign of an immortal man who commanded an army of shadows.

The five humans used all their magical energy to fight off the plethora of shadows, but they had nothing left against the man of darkness — that feat was up to the sage of peace and the mage of tranquillity. Only they could take back the time this world had lost and to extinguish the dangerous turmoil that blackened the land.

Using the power of the sun and the energy of the moon, they summoned their god-like magic to govern down upon the darkness. With the two energies crashing with one another, the collision ripped the very fabric of magic, one the humans referred to as 'matter'.

Bringing the darkness to their knees was not easy and subduing them bought even more problems. For the chaos to halt, a sacrifice needed to be made. If humans wanted to rid themselves of the darkness they created, a light must keep that darkness at bay. That light was the sage of peace and the mage of tranquillity.

The five humans disagreed with giving them up, but they weren't in a position to be making such decisions for the fate of the world. Looking the humans in the eyes, the sun sage and the moon mage stood before them, smiling at the humans who gave them life.

As the embodiment of gods, they were able to see just how strong humans could become when faced with torrential darkness. They held within them fragments of hope that magic could never subdue, and used that hope to strike the dark with all they had, summoning to their aid the mage and the sage.

For the first time in years, the sun shone upon the land. In its wake were five fragmented items and two babies who bore on their neck a sun and moon sigil.

This was the birth of new magic. Solar power and lunar energy.

The five humans took an item each, protecting it with their lives. To make sure such perilous turmoil was to be never repeated, they created the citadel of magic. Their duty, to keep the balance of light and dark and to never let history repeat itself.

Under oath, an institute was founded. The purpose of this institute was to train the sages and mages of the land the ability to harbour what they called the broken words of the five founders of light.

Bravery, Potential, Intelligence, Kindness and Charisma.

Only the most elegant light shall prosper in the wake of darkness. And only the greatest sages and mages were chosen to attend this institute.

"Excellence is the gradual result of striving for the best. And here at Grendilton, only the best strive among us."

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