Stage Fourteen (one month)

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Tying the last bow in her hair I step back looking Gabby over

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Tying the last bow in her hair I step back looking Gabby over. She looked like the cutest little princess! It's my ladybugs birthday and I'm doing it big she is gonna feel like the most beautiful important girl in the world! I rented out an entire garden hired myself as the decorator and went to town. I think I might be more excited than she is.

"Gabby come on!" Hope came running in. Her hair in two big pink buns.

She and gabby matched with the pink hair only gabby had a half up half down thing going on. They both already dressed in their gowns doing their little twirls giggling to each other. I couldn't help snapping probably over fifty pictures and the party hasn't even started yet. While they ran off I went to finish getting myself together like I should've a long time ago. We're not fully behind schedule but I still need to hurry. My makeup was already done my wig is secured the final touch is the crown.

"Don't you look beautiful." Chase came walking in behind me. His hands lay on my waist as he's watching me through the mirror.

"Thank you Prince Charming." His dimple smile appears making me blush. "Straight or crooked?"

"Crooked. I see you matching the girls with this pink hair."

"Yeah you should've join the movement I think pink would look good on you."

"Mmm maybe next time. Is everything set already?"

"Yes sir it is. I can't wait for her to see everything...I hope she cry's." I jump squealing ignoring Chase suspicious looks. "Don't judge me I've never given gabby a big birthday party cause I was so wrapped up in her stank daddy. But now I'm free of that evil mans curse I'm in a better position in life I'm happy she's happy and I just wanna show her how much mommy loves her."

Usually during her birthday it would just be us and winter and my mom. We'd just spend the day together then make cupcakes. Sometimes I would try getting in touch with Gabe but that would just make me both sad and pissed. I still can't understand how some men and at times women can just leave behind apart of themselves and move on with life like nothing happen. Now I've made peace with being all my daughter needs I'm not so obsessed over giving her "the best" even knowing I couldn't if I forced it. Gabe doesn't want to be a father and I'm not going to continue trying to make him one.

Chase smiled taking my head kissing my forehead, nose and lips. "You are an amazing mother I have no doubt she knows you love her."

This man here is a blessing. I've never in my life thought I'd actually have someone not only for myself but who cares about me. All of me including my daughter since we are a package deal.

Wrapping myself around him I lean up for another kiss tilting my head. My hands grip his shirt as his nails dig into my hips. Tongues roam together I moaned feeling my knees buckle. He bites my lip pulling back. We stare at each other for just a few seconds before the girls came barging in.

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