Chapter Forty Nine

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Once we were sitting in the car, I could no longer hold the tear's back.
My ankle was throbbing.
"I need to take a look at it."
Blayze told me, standing beside the passenger seat which I was now sitting in, the door wide open.
I protested.
If he touched it, I already knew it would hurt even more.
I was hanging on by a thread right now.
He sounded irritated.
"I-it w-will b-be o-okay."
I used the back's of my hand's to wipe under my eyes, while I stuttered my words out like a distraught Child.
"Gimme your god damn leg!"
Blayze all but growled.
I swallowed hard.
I didn't want to let him examine it.
Without examination, I could stubbornly pretend that all was okay.
Our Wedding is in two week's and two day's time.
I have to be able to walk.
Well then you shouldn't have gone out drinking and ridden a mechanical Bull.
The obnoxious voice in my head retorted.
The worst part was, she was probably right.
"Either you show me the god damn foot, or I'm putting the Royal Adelaide Hospital into my map's and we're goin' straight there."
Blayze warned.
Sitting in Hospital was not in my plan's for the night.
We were supposed to be going back to the Hotel and making the most of our suite.
And that nice, big Spa Tub thing!
"It probably just need's some ice."
I whispered, fighting back tear's.
"Why don't we just go to the Hotel? Some pain killer's and some ice and I'm sure it will be fine tomorrow."
"Either you let me check it out, or we're goin' straight to the Hospital!"
Blayze retorted.
I tried.
He counted, stone faced.
If he was to the point of counting at me, then I had Buckley's chance of changing his mind.
"Please don't make it hurt worse."
I whispered, fighting against my trembling lips while I maneuvered myself to sit sideways on the seat.
"You know I'll try. But I can't exactly guarantee it."
He warned.
I gritted my teeth.
He carefully grabbed the heel of my left boot and I gritted my teeth even tighter, to the point where they made a grinding noise.
He began to pull on the boot to get it off and I hissed in pain, fresh hot tear's springing to my eyes.
This was terrible.
I had fistful's of the edges of the passenger seat in my hand's and a yelp of pain slipped through my lips by the time Blayze gave up the slow and cautious route and pulled the stubborn boot off my foot.
I squeezed my eyes firmly shut, trying hard not to give way to a torrent of tear's.
"That. Fucking. Hurt."
I gritted through tightly clenched teeth.
"I know. I'm sorry."
A light thud sounded.
I peeled my eyes open to find Blayze easing down to kneel beside the car.
"I'm gonna have to take your sock off."
He told me.
It probably wouldn't be comfortable, but it hopefully wouldn't hurt as much as getting the boot off.
"Just do it as quickly but as gently as you can."
I whispered, tear's blurring my vision.
He placed his left hand on my calf and used his right hand to get his finger's into the band of my sock so he could start to pull it down.
I bit into my bottom lip and turned my gaze up to the ceiling of the car.
As Blayze eased the sock over my ankle, more tear's spilled down my cheek's and I bit my tongue, hoping to hold back a pained scream.
By the time the sock was hanging from my toes, my entire ankle felt like it was on fire all over again.
"Your ankle's really swollen."
Blayze observed, his left hand still supporting my lower leg.
The answer didn't surprise me, but it did make me want to cry harder.
If it was swollen and very painful, then it was probably bad news.
Gnawing on my bottom lip, I blinked hard and kept my gaze trained on the car's ceiling.
"I know you don't want to hear it... but I think we should go to the Hospital."
Blayze noted.
I'd known it was coming.
Breathing in deeply and letting it out in a long breath, I forced myself to tilt my head forward and look down at Blayze.
"This isn't how tonight was supposed to go."
I whispered, struggling to hold myself together.
The corner of his lips tilted up onto a small smile.
"Well, let's just hope we won't have to be going to the Hospital on the night of the Wedding."
I felt my tear dotted eyes widen.
"Don't jinx us!"
I yelped.
That was the last thing we needed!
"How about you turn around and sit in the car properly?"
He suggested.
"The sooner we get to the Hospital, the sooner we'll hopefully be able to leave."
I guess we just had to hope that a City Hospital was a lot more efficient than our Regional one.
With a few tear's sliding down my cheek's, I eased my leg out of Blayze's supporting hand and turned myself to sit facing forward in the passenger seat.
Blayze grabbed something off the parking lot floor and I realised it was my sock and left boot when he slipped them onto the floor near my feet.
Well, my foot.
I was careful not to let my left foot touch the ground.
Blayze closed the passenger door with a gentle thud.
Please God, please don't let me have any broken bones.
I silently prayed while Blayze made his way around the front of the car.

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