The Start to all This Chaos

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Third POV  the day of acceptance letters

" No! I can't believe them! No! you can't! How?" you yelled

" Sakura, please calm down....." Hitoshi told me

" But--" you say with a sadden face ready to start crying any minute

" No buts, they tested me I took the exam its only fair that I'm in the general studies" Hitoshi explains

You stay silent...

" Hey, don't worry about me. Be happy that I'm in UA."


" Don't you have to worry about your exam now... you have to take that late exam since you rejected your recommendation"

"yeah..." you say with pity

Hitoshi smiles " Then thats, that let me help you train."

You laugh then smirk " more like me helping you  train"

" HEY!" Hitoshi irks

You smile and start running to the park you always train together

Time Skip


You smack the alarm " I get it... I get it I'm up!" you push your self off the bed to look at the time 7:30

"ugh its too early for this" you groan in annoyance

" Sakura! Come down you need breakfast before you go to school!!" Your mom screams

"Coming!!" The girl screams back

"Where is my uniform......" you whisper under your breath while searching your very messy closet
You finally found the uniform, put it on and rush down the stairs

You jump onto the chair quickly takes the toast and bites it. A man gets up getting ready to leave

"Hurry Sakura I need to take you to school before I open up my restaurant"

"Ok dad!" you rush to grab book bag and start to check yourself in the mirror right next to the door

"ok, I'm ready!" you runs to the car in the drive way and hop in the front seat. The man starts the car and starts to drive you. On the way there you turned on the radio.

" This is a follow up report on yesterdays incident at UA. rescue training facility where hero students were attacked by villains, According to the police investigation the criminals call themselves " The League of Villains" and have been plotting to kill AllMight, who has been a teacher at UA since the spring of this year. Police have arrested 72 villains--"

" Hey Dad, Mom was part of that investigation right?" you asked

" Yes, darling your mom is great isn't she?" your father replied with a smile and watching the road."

"--but they still do not know the whereabouts of their ringleader."

You look out the window and a certain peppermint hair caught your eye. You smile wondering who would have that kind of UA gets more and more interesting. You get off the car kiss your father goodbye and start walking into the school. You look at your paper and look around the halls.

"1-A.... 1-A..... where are you!!??..why is this school so complicated!...."

"Hm.. maybe...."

You turn your quirk on...and... White ears they pop out of your head and you go on the wall and listen for chattering of people... you finally find the teachers lounge.. But thats not 1-A! you pout and turn off your quirk, put on a smile and neverously walk in...

"Um...hello... I'm looking for 1-A can any of you help me?..."


You covered your ears and think I think he broke my ears its very sensitive, you say thank you and follow him to the room

Present Mic tells you to stay here while he tells your teacher you are here. SO HE CAN TALK NORMALLY?!?!?!?!?! you think, you sigh and wait patiently until Present Mic comes out and tells you to get ready you nod and thank him again. You were calming yourself getting ready to introduce yourself until you get scared of the screaming coming from the room.

" OOOOO I wonder who's the new student?" came from a girl's voice

" I wonder if its a boy or a girl?" another girl asked

" DOES SHE HAVE BOOBS!?!?!??!?!?!?" a boy sounds.. you cringe at that thought and had an idea...

" Please everyone calm down" a monotone voice starts "you may come in and introduce yourself"

You smirked and turned into a full tiger form all white and beautiful. You busted the door and roared to the class and growled.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the whole classroom screams and runs to the back of the room in fear you soon feel ice creeping on your feet and an explosion in your face. You growled one more time annoyed of the things hitting you out of no where until a man in the room gave you a stare and you feel yourself returning into a girl..

" NANI?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" the room screams. You laugh to yourself at their reaction. the whole class mouth open in agape. The classroom sees a girl with long white hair, pink eyes and smiling to herself like she had the most fun in her life.

"Hello everyone my name is Y/n L/n please call me Sakura! pleasure to meet you please take care of me!" as you bowed the girls snapped out of their trances and start saying hi while the guys are in a daze in what just happened.

"Mr.Aizawa is she going to be okay in the sports festival coming up she is completely new?" a girl with black ponytail hair asks

she looks so pretty and a rich girl you thought she might be helpful later on.

" As you saw earlier with quite a scare too she will be fine she was one of the lucky recommended students after all, L/n please sit next to Todoroki, you can all ask her questions later. now get to your seats so I can start my lesson" Aizawa responded

Wait was he always wrapped in bandages any way.....thats a whole mood! as you looked for this so called "Todoroki" he raises his hand and you see a recognizable red and white hair! You laugh to yourself and take out your notebook ready to start class

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