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"Hey guys. Today is Zane's birthday and I needed a little help to surprise him. So I got a couple of friends to help out. New friends go!" David says and Kendall and her friends jump into the camera's view.

"Hiiii!" She squeals, along with her friends. Everything was going perfect. The house was set and decorated, the Bull was on its way and the cake was perfectly made and sitting in the fridge to keep cold.

"All we have to do is go to the birthday dinner and it's party time." David announces to everyone. He cuts the camera off and gets up from the floor, walking over to Natalie and I.

"Okay. Are you guys ready to get dressed?" He asks us.

"Yeah. We should get ready. We gotta get be there by seven and it's already six." Natalie says.

"Okay. Jason should be on the way any minute." David utters as he pulls his phone out and looks at the lit screen.

"I'm gonna go get ready." Natalie says and walks off to her bedroom. I continue to stare at David as he shoves his phone back into his pocket and sighs.

"I'm so stressed out." He says. My brows furrow down, wondering why he seems upset suddenly.

"Hey. Zane will love it all. As long as you're there at his birthday dinner, he won't care about anything else." I assure him.

"Think so?" He asks.

"Of course. Come on, we gotta get ready." I say, rubbing his shoulder for comfort.

"Okay, David! We will be back in time for the party!" Kendall tells David as she and her friends gather their things.

"Thank you so much for helping out." David smiles as he walks towards her and gives her a hug.

"Of course! See you tonight." She smiles and she walks out of the house. David looks at me and smiles.

"You can take my shower." He says.

"David. Again with the shower. Let me use the guests shower." I sigh.

"It's fine, really, Lauren. I don't mind." He smiles.

"I'm sure you'd rather use your own shower than-"

"Do I have to drag you to the bathroom again?" He asks.

"No. But I can-"

"Then go get ready. I'll wait for you and get in after you if it will make you feel better." He says. I stopped myself from arguing any further with him and chuckle.

"Fine." I say and walk off to his bathroom. I do my usual shower routine and get out of the shower. I walk over to the counter and examine myself. I towel dried my hair for the most part and decided to blow dry it to curl my hair for Zane's dinner party. I kept the towel wrapped around my body, not really wanting to change yet, besides that, I wouldn't want my outfit getting makeup on it. Once my hair was dry enough to curl, I plug in the wand and let it heat up, beginning to look for my makeup. I then get sidetracked when I hear my phone going off. I look around for my phone. It sounded it almost muffled as if something was on top of it, but it was also distant. I look out the open door and saw the screen lit up on his bed.

"Since when did I leave you there?" I question myself. I walk towards the door and keep my eyes on the screen, trying to see if the phone call was important or not. As soon as my foot passes the doorway, I hit a tall body and fall back, bringing the person down with me.

"Oh my god. I did not mean to run into you like this." David laughs. I laugh along with him and noticed he didn't have a shirt on. I glance down and saw that he had the white towel wrapped around his waist. My face heats up and I began to chuckle a little more.

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